I was declined from Launch. Should I apply again next year?

By Laurie Stach

May 16, 2017

If you applied to Launch's high school entrepreneurship program for summer 2017 and were not admitted, there's still hope! Here are two reasons why you should be excited and your chances of admittance will be higher when you apply again next year:

1. Launch's entrepreneurship programs for high schoolers are expanding.

We had our most competitive application year ever, having received 1,300 applications for our summer 2017 program. We wish we could admit all of the talented applicants who apply, but unfortunately were able to accept only 12% of applicants.True to the entrepreneurial mindset we teach, we refuse to be stopped by silly limitations. There are so many more high-potential, aspiring entrepreneurs who we want to work with, so we have some big plans underway for the growth of the program. This means that there may be more opportunities for you to participate in Launch next summer. Stay tuned for an announcement this fall with the details!

2. Second-time applicants are more likely to be admitted.

Twenty-one of our admits this year had applied to Launch previously. While that may not seem like a lot relative to our admit pool, it's a much higher rate than the overall applicant pool. Whereas 12% of our total applicants were admitted,  25% of second-time applicants will be joining us at Launch this summer. This means that second-time applicants more than double their chances of getting accepted into our summer program. Why is this? There are two main factors. First, one of the key qualities of successful entrepreneurs is resilience. When you submit an application having been previously declined, it shows our admissions committee that you are persistent and determined, and that you'd therefore be more likely to overcome the many challenges founders face in starting and scaling their companies. This makes you a highly attractive candidate for Launch. The other factor is that you will have more time to prepare. The main difference between the second-time applicants who were admitted versus those who were not is their involvements and growth in the last year. Launch cares much more about your entrepreneurial activities than any other part of the application. This can take many forms: maybe you started a club, published an app, or built a small business in which you made successful sales. Or, you could have completed an intensive internship with a startup, started a well-attended event series or conference, or have another passionate display of pursuing your interests outside of traditional extracurricular opportunities.  Check out this article about our admissions process for more information on what our admissions committee looks for. There are lots of great things in store for Launch summer 2018. We look forward to receiving your application!