Announcing Scholarships Fostering Inclusion and Excellence in Entrepreneurship

By LaunchX Team

October 27, 2017

To support our ongoing commitment to diversity, excellence, and inclusion in the innovation space, we’re pleased to announce our new scholarship program. Recipients of these scholarships will recieve 50% off the cost of the summer program. Acceptance of a scholarship does not disqualify students from receiving financial need-based support in addition to their scholarship.

Four scholarships will be offered for LaunchX Summer 2018:

1. Women in STEM Scholarship

2. People of Color in STEM Scholarship

3. Social Impact Scholarship

4. Maker Czar Scholarship

About our Inclusion Scholarships:

  • Women in STEM Scholarship
  • People of Color in STEM Scholarship

Fostering greater diversity in in the entrepreneur space has been a founding principle of LaunchX. Our inclusion scholarships celebrate young women and people of color who exhibit extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit and resilience.

About our Excellence Scholarships:

  • Social Impact Scholarship
  • Maker Scholarship

Our industry excellence scholarships highlight entrepreneurs’ alignment with LaunchX’s mission—empowering young people to build the future. When asked why they want to be entrepreneurs, many of our students say that they want to have a meaningful impact—to make the world a better place. Our social impact scholarship celebrates young entrepreneurs who build a better future for all of us by demonstrating the positive impact that innovation can make on our world. Our Maker Czar Scholarship, in tribute to MIT Professor and "Maker Czar" Martin Culpepper, will be awarded to the product designers, tinkerers, and artisans who’ve proven their ability to build the future by designing and developing real physical products.

Do you think you're a star candidate for one of our inclusion or excellence scholarships? Select the scholarship(s) for which you are applying within the "general information" section of the application. You will be asked to provide a brief (no more than 50 word) explanation of why you are a high-quality candidate for this scholarship. Visit the admissions page on our website for more information on our pricing, application, and admissions process, and submit your application today.