For Educators

Our programs bridges student restlessness in the classroom with skill-building for the rapidly changing job market

Benefits of Entrepreneurship Education

Entrepreneurship allows students to test their interest in different job functions and industries, while making an impact on something real. Our school clubs program engages students in the entrepreneurial process, challenging them to build initiative, adaptability, and relationship skills necessary for their future.

Entrepreneurs have to be dedicated self-starters, so we encourage students to take the lead, guiding them with curriculum materials and trainings on how to implement these. This means no additional time out of your schedule for planning or grading—your role is to support the students as an advisor at meetings and an advocate within your school ecosystem.

Programs that builds college & career readiness

We DARE students to grow both personally and professionally, through curriculum that targets 21st Century Skills and Social and Emotional Learning.


Problem-solving, risk analysis, and adaptability

78% of course activities


Self-awareness, growth mindset, and self-direction

72% of course activities

Relational Skills

Social awareness, communication, and collaboration

91% of course activities


Initiative, drive, accountability, resilience, and grit

68% of course activities

Teach an entrepreneurship course at your school

Are you seeing demand from students at your school to have a full course in in entrepreneurship? We're here to help. Teaching entrepreneurship requires both strong curriculum as well as an understanding of how to build the right culture to promote student growth.

Our virtual teacher training will provide you with activities and materials that will inspire your students build entrepreneurial skills and mindset. This is an invite-only course—complete the registration to be considered.

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