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2016 Summer Startups

Read more below about the startups launched by our high school entrepreneurs during our 2016 summer program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Company / Team Description


Ryan Chang, Cathy Zhang, Owen Thoft-Brown, Nicholas Ionata

BrightCapsule provides a unique opportunity for kids to learn outside the classroom. Every month, kids receive a goal to build a project around. They can submit these projects to our online community, where we bring together like-minded makers from all around the world for monthly hackathons to compete for prizes. BrightCapsule is more than simply following instructions – it’s an open-ended platform for exploration. We seek to inspire the next generation of makers and creators. What will you build?


Ricky Ho, Rachel Hong, Anirudh Nair, Cory You

As technology grows, people have started to spend longer and longer times on their laptops, especially in the workplace. Fatigue, combined with the lack of breaks, has created tremendous loss of productivity at jobs. In the US alone, for instance, workplace fatigue costs up to 136 million dollars annually.

Our solution to this problem is Atria, the world's first intelligent laptop biosensor accessory. It is a cushioned wrist rest with sensors which scans EKG in order to detect user anxiety and then reminds the user to periodically take breaks in order to relieve stress.

Edibo David Slakter, Arjun Sripathy, Nakul Goel, An Liu

Edibo is a peer to peer platform that allows cooks who enjoy cooking to sell their homemade food to the local community. We aim to help home cooks turn their hobbies or extra food into easy and profitable revenue while providing healthy, customized, and authentic homemade food to the local community.


Sanya Verma, Kai Lin, Mihika Nadig, Tommy Yangs

VivaFlow is dedicated to creating a simple technology to filter sea water into drinking water. It consists of a reverse osmosis membrane and a hand pump which generates enough pressure to desalinate and eliminate impurities. Our product is simple, portable, and convenient for users. VivaFlow is focused on providing this product to coastal rural communities for every day usage as well as during times of natural disasters.


Albert Zhang, Andrew Hojel, Saagar Godithi, Abhi Upadhyay

Although parents want to keep updates on their children during school hours, there isn't such a means yet. Enter Caravel, a web platform that enables teachers to send various updates via automated SMS to parents, so they can monitor student behavior and classroom activity in an accessible and easy manner. We seek to simultaneously strengthen the bond between parents and their children and consolidate parental trust in teachers.


Kaili Wang, Ananya Gupta, Aaron Moss, Elektra Benkrid

Many small local businesses that seek project funding are unable to obtain it despite thousands of interested customers. Unitiv aims to launch small businesses through collaborative communities. We are a rewards-based crowdfunding platform for local small businesses to raise funds to improve and grow, without making expensive loan payments or giving up equity. By bringing the power of crowdfunding to the communities, locals are now able to fund expansions they are passionate about, to turn those dreams into reality. With this platform, small business owners are able to raise funds directly from their customer base and the community at large.


Maanasi Garg, Aryaman Khandelwal, Manan Rai

We are launching a phone app which makes the basic processes of ordering food and paying bills in various sit-in restaurants digital, quick, and convenient.


Cameron Behar, Keshav Garg, Sahil Menon, Keshav Sivakumar

Real estate firms, realtors, and consumers all have problems with the time it takes to find a new home. Realtors spend ages showing customers around multiple houses only to have customers reject them. We simplify the entire process by utilizing thin, flexible virtual reality headsets in brochures, connected to our app. Customers can view 360 degree videos of properties in a fully immersive experience from the comfort of their own homes. This saves agents and customers time and gives firms a competitive advantage in their marketing strategy.


Kyle Michel, Santiago Murra, Micheal Bingham, Matthew Ross

Swap strives to guarantee users the most effective and reliable platform to exchange contact information. Swap will allow users to mutually and automatically share multiple social media handles as well as phone number, name, and email with one another, all through a single scan of app's customizable QR code. With this scan, the time-consuming process of manually addressing each platform and linking accounts is eliminated, solving a sizable customer pain point. Notably, the app will offer multiple profiles, which will allow the user conveniently select what information to share.


Elie Codron, Sreya Guha, Prianka Subrahmanyam

40 percent of all the food in the United States goes to waste. Most of this waste is generated from restaurants, grocery stores, and businesses. Why not do something better with all this food? Wasteless is a platform that will allow restaurants, bakeries and supermarkets to donate remaining items to soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and food pantries. This platform will allow local individuals to volunteer to deliver food to nearby non-profits requiring food. Individuals will have the chance to give back to their community and make a difference. This app will help restaurants stop wasting and start helping.

Self Check

Tucker Cullen, Adhiv Dhar, Varun Wadhwa, Michael Wang

1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer at some point in their lifetimes. Too often fatal diseases such as skin cancer aren’t diagnosed until they are in their terminal stages when it is too late for effective treatment. Self Check is a convenient mobile application that gives users reminders and instructions to perform simple self-checks to diagnose potentially fatal diseases early and increase chances of survival. If one finds physical concerns, this app offers the ability to connect with local clinics and doctors, warning users to detect and address diseases early on while they are easier to treat.


Alexandra Koch, Devanshi Udeshi, Maanasa Kotha, Marianne Lu

Millions of prospective college students invest time and money into choosing the best college for them. However, when creating their list or once accepted into colleges of similar caliber, students lack the resources to distinguish between schools. Colleges offer biased resources and many students lack the means and network to find valuable information. We offer a platform for students to find the right college for them. Prospective students contact college students directly, receiving honest, inspiring answers about all aspects of college life. By creating transparency in the decision process, GlassKnit seeks to connect students, build understanding, and support informed decisions.

Lyfe Band

Abhinav Ashar, Mantej Singh, Alisson Amaral, Fiona Whitefield

23% of neonatal deaths worldwide are caused by asphyxiation. These deaths can be caused by a range of conditions, from medical complications to a parent leaning on their child incorrectly. Our solution is a low-cost wearable for an infant's hand that would detect blood oxygen levels, and beep to alert the parent if levels drop below the optimum range. Our product aims to reduce infant mortality from preventable causes by improving response time and treatment effectiveness in life-threatening situations.

Luminos Education

Will Bensky, Sean Ojha, Renee Ong, Dickson Chong

The purpose of Luminos Education is to inspire and nurture the pursuit of knowledge in young students. We produce interactive children’s storybooks that teach the basics of circuitry within a fun and lovable story. Using only a pencil, kids draw circuits in the books in order to activate lights and other electronic components. These lights, motions and sounds will enhance various story telling elements and allow the child to customize each books as they please. As they watch their drawings come alive, they also learn the fundamentals of circuitry without being overwhelmed by difficulty.


Rahi Patel, Jason Zhao, Nick Majer, Gabi Fullam

Although many people care strongly about politics and hold an array of opinions about political issues, voter turnout in the United States is still at an all time low. To make matters worse, large corporations effectively block out the voice of the people through millions of dollars poured into lobbying efforts. Through crowdsourced lobbying, we unlock the power of the public by pooling collective wealth into lobbying campaigns started by the people for the people.


Luke de Castro, Adit Abraham, Paul Schumacher, Kevin Yue

When children with autism are overstimulated, it can take hours before they calm down. With autism rates increasing exponentially over the past two decades, many parents, not knowing where to turn for a remedy, have been forced to buy expensive products that only accommodate and soothe one of the child’s senses. SenSit, our de-escalation chair, calms the child by providing therapeutic relief to the most important senses. But every child is unique, so we have included a variety of customizations that address every child’s needs. With our product, the child creates the chair, not us.


Pascal Ekirapa , Takho Lee , Paulina Anzaldo , Rodrigo Ruz

Eko is an electricity generator that absorbs sound and converts it into electricity. This solution can accommodate for both the current energy wastage, as well as an eco-friendly alternative to energy.
The device can be used close to airplane and car engines, and next to noisy industrial processes, and it is pioneer in opening doors to the reutilization of wasted energy. Additionally, the device will contribute to the environment by reducing noise pollution produced in daily processes.


Shray Pungaliya, Robert Sforza, Natalia Dorogi

The market is a mess. Trading is complicated, risky, and takes time. Clementine, a web and mobile group investing platform, makes the market more approachable by minimizing these issues and maximizing your success. People work together in private groups to vote on trade proposals and make decisions as a single entity. Both returns on investments and number of votes are proportional to the amount of money an individual contributed to the joint reserve. Group collaboration makes learning the market a breeze, minimizes risk, and saves time. Collectively, we’re smarter, so let’s make smarter money. Together.


Company / Team Description


Mackey Guenther, Darius Lam, Liam Kimel, Amy Wang

Wellwear is a bioinformatics technology company that offers a seizure detection and alarm system by combining EEG wearables with machine learning technology.


Endre Szucs, Juan Chomali, Julia Nadelmann, Philippe Pangestu

Vivere is a social platform that aims to connect socially isolated older adults, who live independently with others who are in the same situation but also share similar interests in the same area.


Anmol Parande, Connor Hennessey, Lucy Xing

Welcome to fluance, where the mastery of language meets the minutiae of culture. We specialize in connecting you with a corresponding native in the country of your choice and allowing you to improve each other’s proficiency with our revision tool and channel for personal immersion. Using fluance, you can interact with anyone in the world and enhance your conversations while exploring social nuances.


Emily Zhang, Amiel Monasterial, Leah Hamann, Jonathan Ko

FLEX is a mobile application that connects small clothing brands with young men who are trying to discover their style. Our mission is to empower small clothing brands, specifically focusing on streetwear, by helping them to establish a global presence and larger customer base. At the same time, we also aim to help young men learn more about their fashion tastes by providing them with a simple and convenient online shopping system.


Kelvin Zhang, Kincso Kelemen, Tomer Schlesinger

Myx finds the cocktails you’ll love, tailored just for you. Start with a few drinks and ingredients you enjoy and Myx will find drinks that suit your taste in your vicinity.


Hunter Contos, Stephen Cozzone, Wendy Hu, Richard Chai

Radius is a smartphone application that seeks to provide parents with peace of mind regarding their children’s whereabouts by streamlining family communication. Radius conveniently allows users to check in on the location of family members through Siri and SMS. Parents are also able to design custom, time-sensitive areas in order to receive notifications whenever their children arrive in or depart from these set zones. Finally, Radius keeps users updated with notifications regarding low battery and disconnection to provide advance warning.


Arun Kirubarajan, Neeraj Aggarwal, Julia Revai

Elore is an online community for coders that pairs you with programmers to make cool things so you can advance your coding skills. Elore works with top companies and universities across the world to recommend projects for you and your buddies to work on. It then lets you put them on your public portfolio for employers, and the universe to see. In addition Elore sends you monthly curated content of hand-picked new technologies, the best companies to work for, tips for landing jobs much more to keep you on the cutting edge of the industry. Elore: move forward.


Julia Moseyko, Siddharth Karia, Benjamin Ginsburg, Chaitanya Goyal

We seek to infinitely power the devices of our generation. By partnering with local eateries, we ensure users have access to free portable charging wherever they are. In the cafe, or on the go, customers can take a battery pack with them and drop it off at another participating location.


Kelly Shin, Joshua Choi, Tina Teng, Maria Mortari

Hydrolyte is a wearable device designed to help athletes maximize their potential and improve their performance through proper hydration.It allows users to monitor their hydration status. If the user nears dehydration, the device will notify the user via vibration and provide accurate measurements of how much to drink in order to rehydrate.


Ari Sokolov, Kathan Mally, Dhruvik, Emily Hanson

Travalot is an app that connects travelers and locals with similar interests in order to facilitate a more authentic travel experience. We are a platform where locals can sell activities and expierences for travelers. Our small group experiences create a close-knit environment that allows travelers to explore like never before. Whether it’s running, drawing, or skateboarding, we hope everyone can get out and explore the world a little differently.


Rishma Murugan, Greg Volynsky, Samuel Rabinowitz, and Anatoly Brevnov

CarPals is a cross platform carpooling app designed for parents for their children. Carpooling can be a hassle with long email chains and annoying text groups. Our app fixes this problem by providing an app that allows parents to create groups with other parents, organize their carpooling schedules into a simple calendar, update them on their children's location, and remind them of their own carpooling duties.


Ishan Vachhani, Kai Amelung, Mira Yadav

Tether seeks to prevent users from losing their phones by making sure they never leave their phones behind in the first place. Tether works via the combination of two stickers, one that will be placed on your phone and one which can be placed on any item that you keep on you, such as a wallet, acting as a wireless tether for the two. When your phone goes out of range of the other sticker, you are instantly notified, ensuring your phone is never forgotten.


Akshaya Dinesh, Chloe Loughridge, Dimitris Chatzis

Speak is a mobile game that allows users to participate in one-on-one challenges where their public speaking skills are tested. Winners of each round earn more points while the others receive directed feedback on how to improve their impromptu speaking. The app's fun, competitive environment makes learning public speaking an everyday activity.


Akshay Trikha, André Bertram, Harshal Sheth, Maxwell Kazman

Networking is crucial to the success of modern professionals. Current digital networking platforms lead to impersonal connections which cannot be utilized to the fullest extent. “magnet” is a professional networking platform that enhances a user’s network through the promotion of intelligent proximity based face to face interaction. Users get notified if a person in their circle or a desired new contact is within their immediate surroundings, fostering healthy business relationships.


Gary Perelberg, Angelo Ramos, Maria Myers, Vinaik Gautam

We aspire to let designers realize their vision by bridging the gap between small brands and big retailers. By allowing retailers to rent out small spaces or shelves within their stores to emerging designers, we are removing the barriers that designers face when it comes to retail. TopShelf brings the smallest brands to the public eye in a unique fashion.

Danielle Gin, Isha Mayor, Vini Tripathii

We are a platform for movers to find the perfect community to live in. We take into account what really matters to them--whether it be the culture, schooling, neighborhood dynamics, or the utilities nearby, we'll help them find the perfect place.


Sara Du, Julian Engel, Carly Lugus

Learning a foreign language is tough. People dedicate countless hours to learning new vocabulary and grammar but often have the hardest time when it comes to actually speaking the language as people struggle to learn the correct pronunciation and the different nuances that only come naturally to native speakers. Kamodo is a platform that serves to make it easier to connect with and practice speaking with people who are fluent in the language you are trying to learn. Kamodo will foster a community dedicated to learning languages, broadening cultural perspectives and making friends from all around the world. Kamodo - burn the language barrier!


Marcus Schiller, Bozhena Kulchyckyj, Ryaane Fadel, Reginald Fils

Buzz. A social media application that flips the switch of screen to screen interaction backs towards face to face meet-ups. High school and college students never want to be alone – however, the limitations of current messaging applications and social media platforms leaves users in a wild mess of notifications, none helping to solidify plans for group activities. Buzz offers a variety of features helping to streamline that exact process of forming group plans. Whether it be practicing sports, heading to the beach, or simply grabbing food with friends, what makes you buzz?