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2017 Summer Startups

Read more below about the startups launched by our high school entrepreneurs during our 2017 summer program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Company / Team Description

VocalEyes logo

Mahmood Alfayoumi, Neil Deshmukh, Marwan Refaat

VocalEyes is a biotech company that seeks to improve the lives of the blind and severely visually impaired by allowing them to easily identify objects using a mobile application or separate hardware device. VocalEyes uses artificial intelligence in order to recognize objects in real time and deliver auditory feedback to users.


Optic logo

Mojolaoluwa Oke, Angad Chawla, Roy Liu, David Tamburri

Optic aims to make Braille easier to learn by developing a wearable device that can translate Braille to audio. This device will not only translate Braille, but will allow the user to feel the bumps from the Braille and learn it.


Payloc logo

Christopher Lee, Johnny Wang, Zachary Shenkman, Intel Chen

PayLoc is the world's most comprehensive and affordable HR solutions platform. PayLoc makes essential tasks such as payroll management and employee scheduling simple for both managers and their employees. Our website offers a host of features such as a geofencing, electronic clock in/out system and a shift exchange request page that aim to make outdated business practices obsolete and save both money and time for everyone.


WearAmI logo


Luke Igel, Chris Ward, Lauren Yang, Jojo Chen

WearAmI is a wearable technology company that seeks to ensure the safety and well-being of children globally. Our flagship product is a GPS wristband that allows parents to locate their children through an app. We hope to see the wristband implemented in attractions such as amusement parks, so kids can stay safe while having fun.


Ursa logo

Luke Flippo, Joseph Aulicino, Jessica Telizyn, Grace Jiang

URSA is startup incubated in Boston that aims to slow global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Our products capture carbon dioxide and nitrogen emissions from the back of farm tractors. They then filter and dissolve these emissions and so that they can be used for gases in greenhouses, fertilizers, and more.


Juku logo

Michael Cao, Matteo Brunel, Alisha Mirapuri, Pranathi Peri


Juku aims to make the world of 3D printing more accessible to everyday consumers. By connecting people to 3D modeling and printing enthusiasts, Juku provides unique and innovative products that can’t be found anywhere else; especially those that have significant meanings, emblems, and associated experiences.


Speakspot logo

Andrew Ke, Aryan Srivastava, Can Erdoğan, Isabella Martinez

Around 27 million Americans suffer with the fear of public speaking. speakspot is here to solve this issue. We allow our user to improve their public speaking by returning real-time analytics of their: words per minute, time and tone, provide daily speech challenges, tracking the filler words, notify them of their weekly progress. Our users can challenge their friends, relatives and even co-workers in their journey to improve their public speaking skills.


Khono logo

Christopher Clark, Yu-Chen Chang, Sachin Katyal, Nosher Khan

This will be a small device that can be put into a bag or other personal belonging. It will alarm itself when you with your phone goes a certain distance from the device and if the device senses movement, it will sound an alarm. When you get back in close proximity to the device, the device will deactivate. You will be able to set "safe zones" with the app where the device won't activate at all.


Virra Marketing logo

Erast Davidjuk, Andre Farinazo, David Lalor, Matt Thompson

Virra Marketing is an agency with the mission to help local musicians obtain larger audiences. We offer online and offline marketing services ranging from grassroots marketing to social media management and personalize them to a specific set of services for each client to maximize their ability to grow their fans. At Virra Marketing, we aim to allow local musicians to do the one thing they love, producing music, without having to worry about promoting themselves.  


Navami Jain, Isabelle Kim, Alexander Lam, Yvonne Hong

Ami's stuffed animal, Penny the penguin, is your child's best friend. More than a simple toy, Penny speaks and sends personalized conversations and messages that are controllable by parents through an app. As an example, the parent can send a reminder, "come on, let's say your abcs!" everyday at 3:00. When it's not acting as a parent's helper, Penny's interactive features allow your child to practice simple conversations, listen to music, and much more.


Estihome logo

Sai Anantapantula, Steven Wang, Jordan Zietz

Estihome provides an online platform where users can upload media and descriptions of their issues and receive free estimates for their home issues (eg. plumbing) from local service providers. Service providers can in turn establish their own reputation and presence on the platform to attract more customers.


Virtune logo

Avinash Ashok, Aryaman Kunzru, Omar Shareef, Sumit Chandra


We provide a library of well-instructed lessons that will help anyone learn their favorite songs regardless of the amount of prior musical experience. For a very low price, users have access to these songs as well a series of lessons teaching the fundamentals of the instrument. We aim to reduce the cost of picking up an instrument as a hobby, make learning music more fun and accessible, and reduce the amount of time it takes to learn your favorite songs.


Guac logo

Karly Hou, Megan Yu, Shirlyn Prabahar, Max Zhang

Guac is a highly personalized budget manager that helps college students save money wherever they go. Learn about your spending habits, view trends, and get tips that help keep you on track. Discover new ways to save those extra dollars with deals and recommendations picked just for you. Don’t waste time or money. Get Guac.


Universeaty logo

Mark Endo, Bianka Selmeci, Rushil Kapadia, Harshita Arora

Universeaty is a social platform that gives college students an easier way to create group cooking sessions by connecting users through a free app. Users can select what task they want to perform, and the total charge of the meal is split evenly between the members. The creator of the meal session can chose to make it private and invite existing friends, or the creator can make it public and meet new people in college.


RevLux logo

Alexandra Chin, Rohan Sindhwani, Gautam Ajjarapu, Davyn Sudirdjo

Revlux is a medical imaging software company that identifies anomalies in bone structures. This program allows radiologists to more accurately diagnose fractures and breakages in a more timely manner. Revlux redefines the efficiency of medical systems such that immediate medical attention can be taken to those who need it most.


Constol logo

Smita Sikaria, Madhur Sharma, Kaden Macor

At Constol, we provide students taking online courses the opportunity to connect and collaborate with each other. We offer a software to online academies that sorts students into study groups based on their study preferences. Students can use this service to ask each other questions and hold each other accountable for completing their courses.


Pulse Wearables logo

Richa Krishna, William Barkoff, Arya Goutam, Anna Pertl

Pulse wearable technology is a sleek, reliable and inconspicuous device targeted towards athletes and people diagnosed with a variety of heart conditions. It is designed to alert the user when they are experiencing irregular heart patterns. Additionally, the device will be linked to a mobile application in order for the user to have a visual representation of their heart activity. At times of danger, the technology will notify another person, such as a coach or a family member, to make sure the person is appropriately helped. Pulse directly defines life over death by directly targeting the source of the problem.


Collubuk logo

Ana Machaidze, Sonia Tam, Sahar Ashfaq

In today's world where education is monetized, students often find themselves struggling to afford books that they want to read. That's why Collubuk aims to make books accessible to everyone by developing a free book exchanging platform. On our website, users can donate books to acquire points and use those points to get new books.


SoulDynamix logo

Makenna Turner, Yong Zhong, Nathaniel Selub

Soul Dynamix aims to use a smart shoe insole to mitigate the risks of running related injuries and is designed to live coach runnings from day one.


Chaklo logo

Henry Gu, Rajveer Sokhey, Varun Kukunoor, Shlok Natarajan

The Chaklo app is an American map and rental platform that develops applications set to ease parking difficulties. By renting out unused parking, users can list their free space whenever they want, enabling those who need parking to find it with ease.


ConnectMe logo

Irem Ozturan, Sahil Kapur, Jane Zhang, Liora Nasi

ConnectMe is an online platform that connects high school students to initiate projects and community service work.

Avanti3D logo

Adam Potter, Bo Hrytsak, Jasper Katzban, Nate Houston

Avanti3D designs systems that use sensors and computer vision to detect failures in 3D printing. Additive manufacturing is revolutionizing engineering and production, however, there is a huge problem that plagues the consumer 3D printer market: constant malfunctions and failures. We seek to improve 3D printer functionality in order to save time and money while optimizing the user experience.

Arise logo


Silvia Filovà, Simran Sawhney, Justin Yu

ARISE seeks to provide an accessible means for individuals with low vision to pursue an education and to be integrated into the world of the 21st century. We look to design an affordable and effective application with features like magnification, color filtration/inversion, and contrast/saturation changes.


Matteo Greenberg, Kevin Hu, Tu Trinh, Andrew Weatherman

You know that moment well: you're in the shower, jamming out to your favorite playlist, while gallons of water freely flow from the shower head. It's okay - admit it; we are all guilty. In fact, over 1.2 trillion gallons of water are used every year to shower...we're not good at math, but that sounds like a lot. What if you could "bump" your favorite playlist, conserve water, and save hundreds of dollars a year? Hannah Montana would call that the "best of both worlds," and we couldn't agree more. What are you waiting for? Check us out!


Katie Mishra, Wilson Spearman, Brandon Musa, Andre Nascimento

For parents who have children with severe medical conditions, Wearibly is a 21st-century medical wristband that stores all the child’s diagnosis information and how to respond in an emergency that can be accessed with the tap of the phone so their community is more educated and empowered to respond in an emergency.

Prez -

Aadit Joshi, Brandon Fu, Paras Nahar, Spencer Atkin

Prez is a platform that connects users with friends and family to simplify the gift giving process. We enable our users to view other's wish lists, be notified when items on wish lists go on sale, and crowdfund for more expensive, meaningful gifts.


Nate Mela, Anton Lin, Kenneth Shaw, Thomas Dhome-Casanova

Traditional email and password logins are unsafe and easily hackable, but email or text message codes are slow and inconvenient. Orama is a service for developers that enables personalized and safe website logins by leveraging facial recognition.

Pronto -

Shubham Joshi, Neeyanth Kopparapu, Jacquline Rossi, John George

Pronto is a free-to-use mobile application that connects college students who are looking to make money to potential job listings in their area through geolocation. Users can interact with a visual map of their area to see jobs around them in various industries and complete them for competitively adapted prices.


Carina Peng, Riya Berry, Samay Godika, Tej Shah

For those who feel disconnected from their grandparents, Memorably allows users to craft and ship a memory book in seconds. Memorably compiles photos from various social media outlets into a personalized memory book, which will be mailed directly to their grandparents. Users can also type a note to preface their book, which will be transformed into a written letter. Visit, and connect memorably with your grandparents today.


Melissa Ran, Michelle Ran, Lexi Roumeliotis, Zhizhuo Zhou

Beefindr helps parents find the perfect summer camps and afterschool programs for their children, and connects small programs with parents.

Sol -

Grace Qing, Leyre Marazuela, Annie Lu, Chandana Bhimarao

Sol seeks to build communities by providing students with an outlet to open conversation about their stress by connecting them with peers who are experiencing similar issues.


Jenny Zhu, Rohan Bhargava, Adam Hunter

Travel a lot? Have health issues? Helisa is the right fit for you! Helisa is a healthcare company that addresses portability issues within the personal health record system, allowing patients to transfer medical records of their choosing to different doctors. Helisa's platform consists of a mobile application that allows for easy transfer of health records and a website that displays a dashboard that can be accessed by the doctor and the patient.


Luofei Chen, Ricardo Gonzalez, Ananya Chadha, Simon Guo

Lendridge is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, rent, and ultimately share items. Whether a snowboard, a lawnmower, or a drone, Lendridge is the simplest way for people to both monetize their spare items and save money.
Lendridge, Rent and Save, Lend and Earn.


Jae Chung, Lillian Zeng, Peter Stakoun, Shaolin Zhang

Spare is a peer to peer platform for physical storage. We connect providers with unused space to users who are looking for cheaper storage options, helping both parties truly optimize their use of space.


Gokce Guven, Charlie Donnelly, Eileen Pan, Rylan J. Daniels

TripHyve is a crowdsourcing itinerary platform that allows users to share, comment on, and rate itineraries. Based on location and interests, TripHyve finds the best and most personalized experiences for everyone. We aim to make the modern travel experience more unique and convenient.

Foundery logo

Foundery -

Prez Thomas, Hunter Hancock, Akhi Khakhar, Alex Brufsky

Foundery is a network where visionaries and skilled individuals create teams and businesses around ground-breaking ideas. The website is a platform for people to post ideas and attract the attention of others who want to help bring them to life. While teams are ultimately created at the discretion of the visionaries, the website's advanced pairing algorithm connects users to ideas based on their own unique skills and passions. From experienced entrepreneurs to high school coders, Foundery offers a way to make business creation possible for anyone with the ambition to sign up.


Hugo Zhang, Rehaan Irfan, Anjalee Narentherin, Victor Mapunga

Awear is revolutionizing the way we manage our sleep and is getting rid of all those drowsy days. We are developing the ultimate smart sleep watch that will prevent you from falling asleep at the wrong times such as while at the wheel or in class and will also optimize your sleep schedule so you wake up feeling refreshed every day.


Mustafa Ahmed, Nirvik Baruah, Jose Luis Sabau, Borja Martinez-Laredo

PoliSpectrum is a website that gives readers a holistic review of critical issues in politics by consciously collating news outlets from across the political spectrum.


Carson Todd, Karen Zhuang, Nandini Bhandari, Arianna Togelang

ChoiceEat is revolutionizing the way people with food allergies and dietary restrictions eat out through a crowdsourcing menu app.

Botelle logo

Botelle -

Joana Baptista, Lindsey Yu, Noah Hanover, Akhil Sehgal

An app that allows users to join a real-time, collaborative shopping list within their community, where they can add items they want from the grocery store and someone within their community can get it for them while they shop, for just a small cost.