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2018 Summer Startups @MIT

Read more below about the startups launched by our high school entrepreneurs during our 2018 summer program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Company / Team Description Traction

bippy logo






Varsha Nekkenti, Divya Ganesan, Maanit Madan, Kevin Yao

Bippy is a robot tailored to elementary school children with ADHD who struggle to focus on their homework at home.  Bippy uses incentives and reminders to create an interactive relationship that helps students remain on task and accountable. impressive prototype (and lots of iterations to get there), 5+ face-to-face tests, consulted 8+ medical professionals

Vis logo





Davit Antonyan, Adith Narayanan, Filip Mihal, Adithya Kumar

Vis is a pair of magentic outlet adapters, with one part going into the outlet and the other part going onto the chargin cable, that have a magentc backing and can connect and conduct electricity magnetically. 7 prototype iterations, 60 interviews, 6 potential customers ready to buy

Rentagz logo


Molly Cantillon, Ryan Samadi, Victor Cardenas, Mariami Lomtadze

Rentagz is a database through which rental car companies share their customer's information with police during traffic stops. Extensive conversations with police departments and executives of Avis and Hertz

Modulus logo

Tanishq Kumar, Mathurah Ravigulan, Nick Aldana, Oscar Gompels

Modulus is a heads-up display (HUD) that offers people with concentration/attention issues (like ADHD) a simpler way to drive. impressive physical protoype

Ocra logo

Pranav Burugula, Anne Kickert, Yuqing Liu, David Melisso

Orca is a smart home heating/ cooling sensor technology that operates on a room-to-room basis. initial design prototyping

Hexsense logo

Jacky Zhao, Elizabeth Ouyang, Howard Li, Fakhri Widodo

Hexsense Vybe is a wearable that tells users the types of sounds around them and where they are coming from through directional vibrational haptic feedback. 80 interviews, 3 interested innovators, expression of interest of $10k investment

Bejeweled logo


Selina Shi, Shawn Huang, Preethi Rajgopal

Bejeweled is a company that aspires to help teens live a nicotine free life by providing comprehensive data analytics on Juul usage over time. consulted with medical professionals

Falcn logo

Andrew Yu, Neha Subrahmanyam, Om Deshmukh, Sethu Odayappan

Falcn offers collapsible metal camping cookware that is both durable and portable, providing high adventure campers and mountaineers a reliable solution to cook food and "adventure without limits". working prototype

Shoq logo

Meng Li, Ryan McHargue, Vikram Mahendru, Alvaro Camacho

Shoq is a platform to enhance the connection between businesses and their customers, providing qualitative insights for each. engagement with many small-medium businesses, deployed full-functional iOS app, tested MVP, market validation via 8 strong leads

Ezio logo

Ziz Cheng, Andreas Byamana, Georgia Witchel, Avishi Agastwar

Ezio is a software for Fitbit which predicts and prevents anxiety attacks from happening in autistic individuals and people with aspergers. 34 sign ups, 12 reviews, 7 beta testers

Credia logo

Ken Yang, Emma Lee, Scott Hong, Amy Han

Credia is a platform for young artists and creators to brand/market themselves and sell their artwork online. Within 5 days have 1 customer and 11 verbal commitments

Neurallio logo

Savanna Slaughter, Robson Silva, Guilherme Silva, Shaan Patel

Neurallio's "Unwinder" is a wearable device which aims to help people suffering from panic disorders. working hardware prototype, positive user testing and interview feedback

Pivot logo

Kevin Bai, Michael Bryan, Kanokwan Tungkitkancharoen

Pivot seeks to enhance navigation by utilizing augmented reality directions on a map interface. Gaining interest through visual representations of intended offering

SMH logo

Justin Kaye, Prance Thongyai, Aryan Singh, Ayotomiwa Akinyele

smh is a smart pill case that helps people with taking their medicine. smh stands for smart medicine hub. 3D CAD model

Sobros logo

Ryan Xie, Ritik Patnaik, Larissa Tyagi, Sam Park

Sobros is a dissolvable thin film that can be discreetly slipped inside your drink to test for common drink-spiking drugs such as Rophanyl and Ketamine. prototype mockup and testing, extensive interviews

Necter logo

Judith Chen, Aaron Price, Zehra Egenaz Ozvural, Kadir Mert Barutcuoglu

For small online businesses, Necter is a platform that allows for effective and secure connection with social media influencers because of its advanced matching algorithm and virtual payment system.  

Owlr Prep

Olivia Sun, Tarek Aloui, Quratulain Zainab, Akshay Murthy

OwlrPrep is an app that aims to help students study and prepare smarter for exams by focusing on their specific academic weaknesses. Engaged interest from 1 principal, 5 teachers, and 15 beta testers

Notitia logo

Cosmo Gigante, Rakeeb Hossain, Modesta Joseph, Elieen Zheng

Notitia makes training data for artificial intelligence more accessible to small businesses. 100 beta version sign-ups

Powza logo

Jasmine Zhang, Karina Popovich, Anika Gupta, Zahra Petiwala

Powza is a platform that enables multiple online services to be bundled into one neat subscription for the consumer. Services are suggested based on user surveys and reviews. Two businesses (shutterstock and scheduleonce) agreed to be part of the platform

Koppen logo

Matias Lancewicki, Roba Olana, Jennifer Xu, Sandeep Rao

Koppen, a luxury fashionable phone case-wallet, serves to reduce day to day inefficiencies in the lives of busy, unorganized individuals. By eliminating many of the cards in your wallet and neatly storing the rest of them, Koppen combines productivity with style to appeal to its target market. 3D printed mockup of the card mechanism