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2018 Summer Startups @NW

Read more below about the startups launched by our high school entrepreneurs during our 2018 summer program at Northwestern University

2018 LaunchX Summer Session Students at Northwestern University

Company / Team Description  Traction

Traverse logo

Liam Anthony, Vishwajit Sharma, Claire Oxner, Lenor Levy

Traverse, a wheelchair attachment company, has been working for the past 5 weeks to develop a product to fulfill their mission of making the world more accessible. Together, we have created SpokeSkins, a product that will provide a low cost and flexible solution to mobility issues wheelchair users face when going outdoors.

User testing of 30 subjects and 100% saw an improvement, received 31 intents to purchase, already 370 page views to their website in the first week, coordinating marketing efforts with the Department of Veterans Affairs and Free Wheelchair Mission

Eli logo

Michael Solodko, Agam Jolly, Cindy Xu, Maya Villasenor

Sleep is precious, but sometimes it's hard for your little one to get a good night's rest. Our solution is Eli, a smart toy which tracks your child's sleep. By synthesizing data from numerous high-tech sensors, Eli determines what conditions and habits lead to the best quality and quantity of sleep, providing feedback to parents and nannies to ensure a better night's sleep for their kids. All of this information is available through our easily-accessible smartphone app. Get ready for Eli!

Extensive user testing, Kickstarter to launch in September 2018

Florescence logo

Zara Ogbonna, Tania Kuoh, Zitao Li, Jungmin Kim

Florescence is a company that seeks to empower young women with sex education that allows them to take full control of their bodies and embrace their sexuality through a kit and online platform.

21 pre-orders, support from San Francisco moms blog, Your Teen for parents, and LA Parent

Drop Hydration logo

Michael Meadows, Ronit Gupta, Sara Petres, Alexander Kumar

We are Drop Hydration, and we’ve identified the problem of unintentional dehydration due to forgetfulness and personal differences in hydration needs.  Dehydration can lead to headaches, stress, and in severe cases, hospitalization. To solve this problem, we are creating a wearable wristband that tracks skin moisture to provide personalized hydration recommendations and stimulative reminders when hydration levels drop below a predetermined baseline. The wristband connects to an app where the user can see data metrics to learn more about their hydration needs and build good habits.

200+ interest emails, 15+ intents to purchase, 3+ prototype iterations

TweakED logo

Katherine Dong, Panashe Madzudzo, Arman Zoghi, Nicolas Fischer

TweakED creates experiential learning and networking opportunities for high school students pursuing tangible exposure to the business world of technology. We seek to connect driven coders and designers with handcrafted networking events, real-life projects from tech-startups, and impactful incubators. TweakED provides its service by collaborating with entrepreneurial figures and tech-based startups/incubators.

Ran first event with 5 mentors and 35 participants, 4 projects had 8 sign-ups

Plantie logo

Barnabas Bakucz, Claire Chen, Da-Lan Pham, Mihaly Szekely

Plantie seeks to provide an engaging and interactive way to teach environmental sustainability and taking responsibility for children, by giving them the opportunity to grow their very own plant, based on a real time tracking system! It can be very exciting when you discover and experience the beauties of the world but, can be arduous to learn about it from books. That’s why we strive to interest young children in learning about plant life. We want to give the joy of raising a new life from its root, to teach them the responsibility of taking on the world and it’s beauties, as early as we can. Grow up together! With your very own Plantie.

10 customers willing to user-test, >50 signed up for email updates, agreements to promote product from 4 kid-friendly accounts (reach of 250k) and 6 plant/mom influencers (reach of 168k)

BitKit logo

Kehan Wang, Peter Zheng, Andreas Lordos, Jessica Ji

BitKit is an educational toy that teaches children how to code through building and coding their own hardware products. For children ages 10-13, BitKit introduces the fundamentals of coding through a hands-on, project-based structure. Each child can build their own computer, create their own toys, and play with their own code. BitKit is an engaging way to introduce children into the growing programming world. With BitKit's simple instructions and fun lesson plan, we seek to inspire the new generation of innovators and creators to build their own future.

>$1k in revenue, 585 page visits in the first week

BloPro logo

Laura Gong, Manav Shahi, Anthony Mosavi, Sophia Chen

Our company, BloPro, seeks to bring safe and responsible drinking to college campuses, especially in the party setting. By enabling users to monitor their BAC, our wearable breathalyzer promotes controlled drinking behavior and helps inexperienced drinkers to learn their limits without putting themselves or others in dangerous situations. Discreet and modern, our device turns safe and responsible drinking into an easy, trendy habit.

70+ potential customers, 2 college alcohol health centers and 3 sororities / fraternities interested 

Gina logo

Michael (Siyuan) Cheng, Merritt Vassallo, Rishi Chillara, Melissa Li

GINA is the big sister toolkit committed to educating and empowering young women throughout every step of the birth control process. We recognize that each woman's body is different, and the need for accessible and accurate health information. Thus, we aim to provide a personalized approach through our website platform and app that clarify and simplify the selection and ingestion of oral contraceptive pills.

175 users prepared to use their product, 2 businesses wanting to partner, and 3 doctors as mentors

Pyronix logo

Jack Xiao, Gulnur Avci, Devesh Datta, Emily Fan

We are a team of four motivated students who wish to make people’s lives easier by solving simple everyday frustrations. We realized that many people enjoy hot drinks, but do not have a portable and convenient way to control the temperature of their drink. Thus, we are developing a sleeve that can wrap around any cup to allow users to heat their drink as they wish.

100+ emails, 10 engineering professors consulted to prove prototyping feasibility, company website setup for pre-orders

rfindr logo

Jacob Blumenstein, Houcine Jedli, Ethan Leifert, Chelsea Zhang

Founded in 2018, Rfindr is a tech company that seeks to find your items before you lose them. People, mainly photographers, use Rfindr to keep track of their expensive items to save both money and time. Rfindr is defined by its values and the value it adds to its customers. We encourage creativity and talent by helping people save money and time by ensuring their stuff is theirs. We are a small team that wishes to assist you in your professional career by keeping two of your most valuable assets yours: time and money.

5 sign-ups, 2 prototype consultants

TheraPair logo

Sri Jaladi, Jack (Ziyang) Cai, Kayla Wang, Anastasia Nikolaeva

TheraPair is a platform that dedicates to connecting mental health patients with therapists that best fit their needs anonymously. Our motto is that “we listen, connect, understand”. As a team of four high school students, all of us know close friends who suffered from mental health illness.The stigma that revolves around mental health has stopped so many from getting professional help. TheraPair is here to make a change. Patients will be connected with therapists that best understand their cultural background and personal struggles at a affordable price. As a team, we aim to make therapy universally available.

2 confirmed therapists and 3 confirmed patients, 50+ international students interested, 3 partners

Adeona logo

Nicole Gou, Julie Qian, Ricardo del Rio Grageda, Mert Unsal

Adeona is an app targeted towards college students that provides a proactive solution to street safety in urban areas. Based on police data and college crime reports, Adeona allows users to stay safe before emergencies happen through offering GPS navigation and push notification alerts.

>300 sign-ups (83 in the first day!), one fraternity signed on to beta test

Invictus logo

Rohan Sharma, John Kolettis, Brendan Wang, Mostafa Abdelbary

Invictus Technologies is a Health, Wellness & Fitness company dedicated to fighting the problem of unreported and undetected concussions in sports. Invictus Technologies is developing devices that not only determine the high probability of a concussion but also simultaneously alert athletic trainers of these injuries.

1 high school interested in acquiring the product, in contact with the Director of Business Development for National Football League (NFL) and Professional Players, and 5 neurologists and football athletic trainers are willing to help and expressed interest.

Phynergeticx logo

Connor Browder, Hoang Anh (Thea) Ngo, Laura Lu, Syed Hossain

Physical therapy is costly and time demanding. It’s a hassle for injured people to attend. What if the entire process could be avoided in the first place? That’s what Phynergetix seeks to solve. Our solution seeks to aid runners undergo preventative, strengthening exercises for their knees. This would allow for runners, to avoid the inefficient process of physical therapy. Using augmented reality, our application collaborates with our patterned compression sleeve to track the knee joint’s movements to provide a game-oriented format of exercising. This not only ensures proper form from the user, but also in an interactive, incentivized way to exercise for future overuse prevention.

40 potential customers signed up for email updates, 5 users signed up for beta testing

Pallo logo

Xinyan (Lucia) Liu, Sunyoung (Sunny) Park, Xinyu Chen, Harshvardhan Oberoi

Pallo provides a professional physical companionship for kids in rural China who lack parental affection for separating from their parents. Stories are one of the best ways to approach kids in an educational way and parents’ voices are the best companionship for children. Pallo offers a user-friendly stuffed animal that combines educational stories with stories recorded by parents.Though thousand miles away from their parents, the kids still have parents by their side despite of time and distance.

>20 people interested in pre-ordering, 20 children tested the product