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2018 Summer Startups @Penn

Read more below about the startups launched by our high school entrepreneurs during our 2018 summer program at the University of Pennsylvania

2018 LaunchX Summer Program students at the University of Pennsylvania location

Company / Team Description 

Attach'd logo

Crystal Wang, Sophia Nesamoney

In today's fashion industry, women's clothing are lacking an essential feature: pockets! attach'd's solution is a stylish, convenient, attachable pocket that is designed to be placed anywhere on any outfit.

Stampen logo

Samuel Li, Sumana Nukala, Omar Abuhamdeh

StamPen is a pen that helps make testing easier for students.  Our pen uses an ink stamp to instantly fill in the multiple choice bubbles, rather than having to go through the hassle of filling in the bubbles manually with a pencil.

Speed Scan logo

Mahi Kolla, Tom Jiao, Siva Sambasivam

Speed Scan allows customers to scan products as they go through the grocery store and then pay on their phone, thereby skipping the checkout process completely.  Our service helps eliminate long checkout lines that shoppers dread and helps stores with customer retention and theft prevention.

Straw'd logo

Yash Fichadia, Jehil Mehta, Sarah Coston, Aarushi Machavarapu

STRAW’D aims to combat the issue of drink spiking at social gatherings.  We are working on developing a straw that detects drugs in drinks and prevents the drinker from consuming the liquid any further.

Gaard logo

Nirav Saini, Shaurya Sinha

Our company, gaard, provides parents with all the herbs and recipes they need to produce natural remedies on their own.  gaard seeks to give these parents reliable and safe alternatives to over-the-counter drugs that are currently on the market.  Our simple natural remedies are convenient, inexpensive, and effective.

AquaFrame logo

Rithvik Agastya, Jonathan Kao, Catherine Zhao

The AquaFrame is a reimagination of traditional gardening and agriculture practices that fits in perfectly with modern design and sustainability trends.  It is a sleek and compact vertical hydroponics system that perfectly balances aesthetic and functionality in living spaces.

Posi logo

Won Bin Lee, Patrick Liu, Jason Sudirdjo, Mahdia Daqiq

Posi produces chair-mounted posture trainers to help today's desk-ridden worker become tomorrow's straight back guru.  Currently, Posi is developing the Posi+, a Macbook-sized sensor pad that lives on your work chair and gently buzzes when you slouch.

Anthos logo

Jonathan Park, Sara Shankar, Annie Pan, Kyaw Khant

We are Anthos and we will be emphasizing the importance of learning and child literacy, while also presenting our solution: a fun reading companion for kids.

Alertive logo

Erica Hsueh, Noopur Bhatt, Chan Woo Kim

Alertive aims to provide a simple tracking platform with instant notifications, as well as anomaly detection, to protect the health of individuals.

We Connex logo

Nam Bui, Caitlyn Yang, Weiran Du

At We Connex, we will be presenting the customer need that we have identified and our solution: an app to transfer digital business cards.  We will also showcase our prototype and our efforts to prove traction in the market.

Tailored logo

Claire Dong, Divija Hasteer, Jorge Valdivia, Melissa Khasbagan

Tailored is an aggregated shopping platform that strives to reduce the time taken in the online shopping process by learning the user's style.  We help you find th eperfect shirt in half the time!

Goog logo

Juan David Campolargo, YiTing Yan, Zachary Francis, Christopher Pramana

Goog Care is a LaunchX-incubated company that aims to provide safe and practical solutions for everday annoyances for the impaired.

Elevate logo

Elisa Gonzalez, Brandon Man, Harvey Zheng, Stanley Rozenblit

Elevate is a service that connects teen tutors to teach seniors how to use technology.  We intend to connect seniors to their families through technology.

Aspiro logo

Nikhil Vicas, Marco Ayala, Hillary Yaory

We are pitching the Aspiro platform: a service that connects college students that are about to head into the adult world, and certified third parties that are able to create engaging content.

Saveor logo

Arjan Guglani, Lorenzo Solanot

At Saveour, we will be pitching our new take on a food delivery application.  We will also be presenting a live demo of our iOS app.