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Help shape the next generation of innovators.  Join our community of impact-driven educators, technologists, and business experts giving back

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Like all entrepreneurs starting out, our students need the support of a community in order to navigate the entrepreneurial process, growing personally and professionally.

Whether you're volunteering for us as a mentor, giving back to new students as an alumni intern, or joining our team of full-time staff, you'll play an integral role in helping our students acheive their goals.

LaunchX mock board member<

Mock Board Mentor


While our curriculum and framework guide students through a disciplined process of starting companies, the skill and mindset are not enough to ensure their success. Like all entrepreneurs starting out, they need mentorship and guidance from people with more experience to turn to as they navigate the process.

As part of our summer program, we simulate a rigorous board room experience in which students are required to present their startup companies and seek feedback. As a member of this mock board, your role will be to provide honest and actionable advice and feedback to student cofounder teams, based on specific milestones and deliverables that students are expected to meet as part of our curriculum.


2-3 hours / week for 4 weeks

Duration and Location:

  • Penn (Philadelphia): June 12 - July 7
  • Northwestern (Chicago): July 5 - August 2
  • UT (Austin): July 11 - August 3
  • MIT (Boston): July 18 - August 10


Entrepreneur, MBA graduate, engineering/business degree holder, or otherwise qualified professional who has business and startup knowledge to guide teams on how to build their companies.

How to apply: Please fill out our application form.

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LaunchX mentor<

Club Mentor


While our curriculum and framework guide students through a disciplined process of starting companies, the skill and mindset are not enough to ensure their success. Like all entrepreneurs starting out, they need mentorship and guidance from people with more experience to turn to as they navigate the process.

Our clubs program guides students through the process of launching a startup over the course of the school year. As a club mentor, you’ll meet virtually with small teams of high school cofounders to offer specialized advice and feedback on their company, product, and business strategies.


1 - 3 hours/ month


September - April


Entrepreneur, MBA graduate, engineering/business degree holder, or otherwise qualified professional who has enough startup knowledge to guide teams on how to build a business. If you are a LaunchX alum, you may apply without additional professional experience.

How to apply: Please fill out our mentor application form.

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Residence Counselor<

Residence Counselor


We're seeking residence counselors to oversee student campus life for the high school students in our summer entrepreneurship program. 

The role of "residence counselor" will be a full-time, paid position for the duration of 4-5 weeks across one of four locations. Residence counselors will be responsible for promoting and reporting on student safety, health, and happiness throughout the course of the program. 

Counselors must be at least 21 years of age.


*Perform student check-ins every evening at curfew for a group of 7-8 students
*Chaperone students between dorms and class at the start and end of the weekday 1-2 days per week
*Perform a shift 4-6 times per week in the evenings or weekends (one shift = 4-6 hours) involving checking-in on common areas, checking student rooms for adherence to rules, being available for students checking-in and out of campus, and being available in case of any medical needs of students (these shifts include many of the below activities as well)
*Support student off-campus activities 1-2 times per week, chaperoning students with campus leave oversight needs
*Oversee logistics and attend student social events (ex. dorm ice cream social, campus scavenger hunt, or city tour)
*Monitor student morale and provide support as necessary, primarily through student check-ins plus through holding office hours 2-3 times per week for questions and concerns relating to morale, homesickness, etc.
*Report to LaunchX program manager on all dorm-happenings, including but not limited to student safety and rule-following
*Uphold LaunchX dorm policies, including lights-out times, "3-person" rule, and cleanliness across all students


Your commitment will last 4-5 weeks. Timing/ dates are dependent on location (see campus dates, below). While you should expect a 40 hour week, shifts will be designed in service to student schedules. Counselors are likely to be on-duty in the mornings and evenings, while they'll have the afternoons off. Select counselors will be identified for overnight shifts.

  • University of Pennsylvania— June 9 - July 8
  • University of Texas - Austin— July 8 - August 4
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology— July 15 - August 11

Note: Interested in being a residential teaching advisor for LaunchX Summer at Northwestern University? Learn how to apply on the Center for Talent Development's jobs page.


Residence counselors will be provided with an on-campus dorm to stay in for the summer. They will also be paid an hourly wage.

How to Apply:

Please fill out our residence counselor application form.

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Clubs Regional Director<

Clubs Regional Director

Regional Directors will be involved with the management, expansion, and retainment of LaunchX Clubs in their assigned territories throughout the 2018-2019 school year.  

  • Duration: Regional Directors will start on August 1st and will hold their leadership positions until the International Demo Day in April of 2019.  
  • Commitment: This role requires a minimum of 5 hours of work per week.
  • Structure: Each territory will have a team of 3-4 Regional Directors who will work together to organize their regional event, support their region’s schools, and grow the culture of entrepreneurship in their region.  While each Regional Director is accountable for a specific domain, they must collectively support one another to achieve their objectives, acting as a support structure for one another.
  • Meetings: Territory teams will schedule a monthly call with LaunchX executive team to touch base on progress and ask any questions that hinder progress. They will additionally schedule one internal meeting per month, to keep each other accountable with responsibilities (meaning there are 2 required, virtual meetings per month).

If you are interested in the role of Regional Director, please choose the title that best aligns with your strengths and professional development goals.  

  • Event Coordinator: Organizing the annual regional pitch event in your territory
    • Recruit a panel of experienced entrepreneurs
    • Find speakers and volunteers for the event
    • Acquire sponsorship for snacks/lunch
    • Book and manage food
    • Creatively brainstorm ways to encourage audience participation and student involvement at the Demo Day
    • Manage day-of logistics for the event
    • Ensure student participation at the event
    • Build a stronger community within territory
  • Peer Coordinator: Maintaining relationships with “sister schools” and ensuring school support and coordinating with schools, educators, and mentors regarding any IT issues
    • Encourage sister schools to work together, building stronger community
    • Build strong relationships with LaunchX schools in your territory, supporting them with questions, advice, and help throughout the year  
    • Invite schools to regional events, volunteer events, entrepreneurial events in the area, engage them with their community
    • Check in with school champions to provide insight on their progress, strategizing on areas of improvement
    • Work with Business Development Manager to ensure a certain percentage of LaunchX clubs are retained throughout the year
    • Work with club presidents and educators regarding issues with LMS, edX, or platform in general
    • Communicate with LaunchX team regarding technical issues that students/educators are having in a timely manner
    • Work with technical team in fixing issues educators/students are having, support troubleshooting for students
    • Support technical aspects of Regional demo day including compiling slides decks, developing program, etc.
    • Deal with all technical matters at the Demo Day event (A/V, sound)
    • Announcing and maintaining deadlines for students, educators, mentors, and Regional Director team
    • Scheduling meetings with LaunchX executive team and meetings with Regional Director team
    • Developing support materials for students, educators, and mentors as needed to help in use of platform
  • Public Relations Coordinator: Recruiting regional mentors and maintaining mentor relations
    • Identify and source entrepreneurs and industry experts, working closely with Business Development manager to hit goals based on where students need the most support in your territory
    • Work with student teams to ensure smooth communication between students and mentors
    • Address potential communication issues between mentors and students
    • Work with companies and local businesses within territory to hold in-person mentorship sessions or workshops
    • Reach out to co-working spaces to find mentor networks (or hold tours of the space)
    • Work with local schools to establish more support from educational institutions (mentor networks/venue spaces)
    • Fundraising and Sponsorship for food, decoration, grants for finalist teams etc.  

Regional Directors will work closely with LaunchX staff, other regional directors, club presidents of their territory, mentors, and club faculty advisers to ensure the success of clubs and teams. This position requires excellent communication and project management skills. The expected commitment is ~20 hours per month, and of course, a passion for entrepreneurship!

This is a volunteer role, providing an incredible leadership opportunity.  Select Regional Directors will may have the opportunity to have travel covered to regional events.  

We’re excited to offer this role that provides a pivotal experience to help build a culture of entrepreneurship all over the world and have a deeply impactful influence on high school students everywhere.   

How to Apply for the 2018-2019 school year:

  1. Submit by May 18: the application form, inclusive of your resume (there will be a place to submit in the application form)

  2. Regional Directors will be selected by May 25, 2018.

  3. Responsibilities will begin on August 1st.

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