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Alumni Support

LaunchX continues to support our alumni past their involvement in our program, through mentorship support and grant funding for small initial startup costs

Grant Funding Program

LaunchX continues to support our students and their companies beyond the conclusion of our summer and first year clubs programs. Building a real, scalable company is a continuous process, and does not end at the conclusion of the initial program.

Our Grant Funding Program will provide equity-free investments ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 in our alumni companies who are still in continuous operation with at least two of the original founding members as of the fall after their program involvement.  Grant applications are due by September 1 and are submitted through our course platform.

LaunchX Course Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Most teams are eligible for up to $1,000 grant funding, while summer program alumni companies and club finalist teams are eligible for up to $5,000 
  • Only startups launched at LaunchX are eligible to apply 
  • Funding will only be provided to incorporated teams with a business bank account
  • At least two members of the original team must be active and listed in the company's articles of incorporation as founders of the company
  • Funding is limited to covering costs primarily related to prototyping and user testing, while developers can be added to the LaunchX app development accounts at no costs, and many marketing costs must remain the grassroots efforts of the startup team
  • Funding receipt requires timely submissions of the grant application, any revisions requested of the grant application, and milestone submissions to show progress based on the previous funding amount

Grant Application and Milestones

The grant funding application is due September 1, with the review and iterations on the applications to be completed during that month and initial funding provided on October 1.  Grant funding requests must be phased throughout the school year with three key milestones associated with the funding, to be delivered before the next funding amount is provided.

Date Deliverable Milestone Date
Sept 1

Grant application, with potential iteration requests to be completed throughout the month of September

Oct 1: first funding provided

Dec 1 First milestone deliverable (milestones to be suggested by the startup team and tend to correspond to prototyping, user testing, and obtaining customers)

Jan 1: second funding provided

Feb 1 Second milestone deliverable

March 1: third funding provided

April 1 Third milestone deliverable Invitations to global demo day