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Summer Program Logistics

Why the World’s Future Depends on High School Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurship Center Visits
MIT Launch Trains Teen Business Titans
Discovering CIC and Venture Café
Countdown to Launch
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the…2016 MIT Launch Application (2/4)
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the…2016 MIT Launch Application (3/4)
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the…2016 MIT Launch Application (4/4)
Ciara Judge: Last Minute Inspiration
Launch Admissions FAQs
What if I’m… *gasp*… denied?
Last Minute Tips for LaunchX Summer
Week One Reflections
How to Get the Most Out of Mock Boards
Session 1- That’s a Wrap!
How We Build Strong Teams at LaunchX Summer
Launch Through the Lens of Guest Lecturers
International Students at LaunchX Summer
Unleashing the Power and Potential of Teenage Entrepreneurs
What to Expect on Pitch Day
Why Teenagers Make Great Entrepreneurs
LaunchX Curriculum Foundation: Disciplined Entrepreneurship
Will You Take the Launch Entrepreneur Pledge?
Tips from an Alum on Making the Most of LaunchX Summer
Why I Chose to Learn Entrepreneurship at LaunchX
Making the Right Decision: International Student Edition
Previous LaunchX Summer Admissions Stats
Launch Admissions Committee Reviews – Demystified
Curriculum: The First Week at LaunchX
How LaunchX Summer Entrepreneurs Prototype with 3D Printing
Everything You Need to Know – LaunchX Summer Application: Part 1
Everything You Need to Know – LaunchX Summer Application: Part 2
The Summer Program Experience
Entrepreneur Education Driving Economic Growth in Puerto Rico
Get the Most Out of Your LaunchX Mentor: How to Schedule Meetings
LaunchX Mentorship Part 2: Leading a Productive Meeting
Which Summer Entrepreneurship Program Location is Right For You?
5 Actions to Take Today to Get Your First 100 Customers
Curriculum: The Middle Weeks at LaunchX
2018 LaunchX Summer Admissions Stats
Know Your Numbers: Business Math for the Non-Math Whiz
Your Ultimate 3-Part Guide to a Winning Pitch Story and Deck
2018 Summer Program Scholarships
The Last Week at LaunchX Summer
Four Ways Startup Founders Do and Don’t Impress Us
Life Changing Experience at MIT
Living in Boston for MIT LaunchX
Why LaunchX?
LaunchX Summer Admissions Data 2019
The Most Eye-Opening Time of my Life
Learning in the Classroom vs Learning by Doing
What the LaunchX Admissions Committee Looks For
2019 Summer Program Financial Need
Want to Apply? Read this First
Want to Apply? Read this First (Part 2)
LaunchX Summer Admissions Data 2020
Builder, Brander, Business Developer, Brain: 4 Entrepreneurial Types
How Are Startup Teams Assigned at LaunchX Summer?
One Month Until LaunchX Summer
How to Prototype with a Remote Team
Tools and Resources for Prototyping
Online Learning at LaunchX Summer 2020
LaunchX Alumni Startup Statistics
Social Events at LaunchX Virtual
Tips for a successful LaunchX application
What Types of Students Get Admitted to LaunchX Summer Program?
Should I apply again if I was declined from LaunchX before?
Do I Need A Startup Idea?
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About LaunchX Admissions
The Keys to a Strong Startup Team
How to identify if your startup is exactly the right idea to bring to LaunchX
What if I am denied to LaunchX Summer Program?
Are you an entrepreneur? Overview of LaunchX Admissions

Becoming an Entrepreneur

How to Come Up With A Foolproof Business Idea
Why High School Students Can Start Companies
How to Keep Growing Your Company After LaunchX
Startup Advice from MIT GFSA Teams
How To Turn Your Many Ideas Into A Million-Dollar Business
Will Starting a Company Get Me into College?
How Lililan Chen Started an Entrepreneurship Club in Her School
Public Speaking Advice from my TEDx Talk
Learning to Start a Company the Right Way
Finding Mentorship as a Young Entrepreneur
How to Scale Your Startup Post-Launch
Doug Fox: The 5 Commandments of Startup Branding
Learn How to Scale From a Pro
Rahul Abhyankar: What job do you hire the Apple Watch for?
3 Top Tips to Help You Win a Business Pitch Competition
Erik Bullen: How Personalized Emails Will Increase Your Profit
Why Teen Girls and Minorities Should Pursue STEM
8 Questions To Test Your Entrepreneurial Mindset
4 Tips to Get Started as a High School Entrepreneur
Jack Tsai: Important Startup Check List
Leela Gill: Doing More With Less
How to Adapt to Startup Challenges
Eshaan Kaul: Rebranding Knowledge: Monochrome by 1THING
Entrepreneurial Advice from Ted Chan, CEO at CareDash
LaunchX EdX Course with MIT: Becoming an Entrepreneur
Are You an Essentialist? Why this is Important for Entrepreneurs
The Entrepreneur’s Pledge
How to Use Scrum to Launch Your Startup in 30 Days
After Launch: Building Upon Your Startup’s Foundation
How to Build a Startup Mentality as a High School Entrepreneur
How to Build a Startup with a Great Team Dynamic
Top Tips for Being an Awesome Mentor to Startup Entrepreneurs
5 Essential Tools for Startup Teaming Across Continents
How Successful Entrepreneurs Use their Mission
How to Get Started with Programming
Nick Parsons: Founder-Market Fit
The Essential Tools for Managing your Startup
How to Assess Whether or not a Company is Investable
Focus – The Ultimate Key to Productivity
Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur Workbook – Preview
Accelerator? Incubator? Which one is Right for your Startup?
Entrepreneur Types: Builders, Branders, and Business Developers
5 Steps to Killer Marketing Materials
Advice to Startup Leader — Non Leader’s Perspective
How do Life-Changing Services Get Started?
4 Tips to Help You Succeed as an Aspiring Student Entrepreneur
Rethinking Education: 5 Founders & Their Influential Companies
4 Changes For Educators To Setup an Entrepreneurial Classroom
Tips for Making your Class Entrepreneurial
Strategies to Finding and Retaining Startup Customers
Amanda Anderson: Multi-Generational Impact of Echo Chambers
Tips for Team Communication between Engineers and Business People
The Future of Education
How to Be a Technical Co-Founder
Growing Your Startup One Customer at a Time
Crazy for Cryptocurrency
Advice for Aspiring High School Entrepreneurs
David Berman: The Next Mark Cuban
Building Mentor Relationships
Starting a Nonprofit: From One Member to Six Hundred
Entrepreneurship Builds Self-Confidence
Making an Impact as a Student: Finding an Idea and Acting Upon It
How to Inspire Others through Perseverance and Leadership
The Creation Process
Why Entrepreneurs Should Develop Autodidactic Traits
How to Stay Organized
Entrepreneurship is More than Starting a Company
An Introduction to Node.js: Server Side JavaScript
How to 3D Render Your Startup Prototype
3D Rendering Part 2: Shading, Light, and Textures
3D Rendering Part 3: Final Touches
Top 5 Reasons Entrepreneurship is important for students
Top Startup Trends that High School Entrepreneurs Should Seize
Incredibly useful lessons that starting a real business teach entrepreneurs
3 Reasons New Generations are more Intelligent
5 Secrets to Overcoming Fear
4 Important Signs of Burnout You Need To Know
6 tips to best experience with your mentors
Building an Effective Virtual Team in 7 Steps