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David Berman: The Next Mark Cuban

By David Berman

August 07, 2019

We had the chance to catch up with David, a former Launchie from our 2019 session at MIT and discuss his background and experience in entrepreneurship prior to joining LaunchX. Here is what he had to say:

What is your favorite childhood memory?

I started to develop my passion for entrepreneurship at an early age – this is what ultimately led me to “sell” to everyone, beginning with my family and friends. Jason, my neighbor and good friend, would always approach me and ask what I had to sell to him. I used this opportunity to sell him items like erasers, energy drinks, hoverboards, and foreignly imported candies. It got to the point that Jason’s dad no longer wanted him to purchase from me (I was taking away too much of his money)! Now, whenever I see Jason’s father in my building, I always laugh: he says that I am going to be the next Mark Cuban.

Why are you interested in being a student entrepreneur?

Ever since my mom brought home a bag of candy and a cash register, I have learned how to negotiate with all types of people and sell different types of gadgets. When I come back from school, we always talk business: new products, inventions, or real estate. It is always something that I look forward to doing, a hobby of mine. Being surrounded by so many people in my building has allowed me to communicate with various people and has taught me how to work out complex social and business problems. I learned how to work internationally by taking a part in business expositions in places like China, Las Vegas, and Dubai.

Why did you apply to LaunchX?

I applied to LaunchX to expand my knowledge on entrepreneurship and learn new techniques that can be used to be successful in the business world. Learning how to cope with obstacles in certain jobs is what gives a person strength and experience – I thought that LaunchX would develop that resilience for me to keep “pushing through.” I learned that keeping a positive attitude in the workplace can go a long way.

What was the best vacation you took and why?

Easy! Dubai. When I was 14, I started my own company IOAIR Boards LLC, which sold high-quality hoverboards. The main purpose of my trip to Dubai was to expand my business into Dubai’s largest mall: the Mall of the Emirates. Experiencing business in different places has taught me how to communicate my ideas within foreign markets.

To learn more about David and his company, IOX Systems, click here.

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