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LaunchX Stories: Reginald Fils, Boston

By Reginald Fils

October 28, 2016

Reginald Fils

I can vividly remember sitting in my school library talking to my teacher about what I hoped to fulfill for the upcoming summer. The weather outside was an ordinary 40 degrees, but this did not stop the conversation, it actually fueled our conversation as we yearned for the warm weather to hit our faces. I spoke about how I really wanted to be on a college campus, taking classes that pertained to business. Immediately after I said that, we googled a few programs that offered what I was looking for—the first one we found was LaunchX.

LaunchX encompassed all of my interests and most importantly centered itself around entrepreneurship, which I was most passionate about. I applied with no hesitations and a few months later, got an acceptance into the program. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Upon arriving at MIT, like other students, I had already started a lifestyle brand called “Urban Inspired”; the brand bears a social message which is to be inspired by all things around you. UI has been featured in fashion shows, photo shoots, and some local Boston publications. It was great to already have some insight on what it takes to run a business coming into LaunchX, but don’t think that this is necessary to get into this program.

A few months before launch, some friends and I decided to hold a youth event in Boston. The date fell on July 29th (during session 2). As I was at LaunchX, I would attend classes, do work with my team, hang out with LaunchX friends and then find time at the end of the night to answer emails and plan the event. This went on seamlessly as I lived in Boston and the campus was very close. However, I wouldn’t recommend that you do this, as it may take away from your LaunchX experience. Luckily for me I made it work without it interfering with any work or fun times with LaunchX friends.

After the event, I went to the dorms with my fellow “Launchies” and had samples left over from our fashion show. Would you be able to guess what I did? I held a sample pop-up shop, in my dorm room. The turnout was great and we sold out of our samples, but more importantly this was one of my favorite moments.

This is what entrepreneurship is about, finding innovative ways to serve a product! Now I am not telling you to come to LaunchX and bring your inventions or products to sell, but I am showing you the entrepreneurial atmosphere that permeates throughout this program. The best part was interacting with other individuals who shared my same vision of creating a business, and having these people whose ideas and skills I admired immediately support my own ideas and business.

Coming into LaunchX with business knowledge will set you up for success. However, the business knowledge I knew coming into LaunchX couldn’t measure up to the wealth of knowledge I discovered in the classroom. LaunchX teaches you all aspects of business and delves into how to create one that is successful. The best part of LaunchX is creating personal relationships and being motivated and energized by all of the amazing kids from around the world.

I would advise you to bring all your own knowledge to LaunchX and expound upon that with all the talented individuals you will meet during your four weeks at MIT.

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