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LaunchX Summer Admissions Data

By LaunchX

April 16, 2019

Curious about what the cohort of high school student entrepreneurs at LaunchX is like?  We have some of the most passionate and experienced young entrepreneurs apply, with only a limited number of spaces at each of our prestigious university locations.  No two students are alike, so summing them up can be difficult, but we’ve found a few metrics that can help give you an idea of our incoming cohort of aspiring young entrepreneurs.

Here’s a bit about our incoming class for 2019:

2019 LaunchX admitted students demographics genderGender of admits is 38% female and 62% male.

LaunchX admissions financial need breakdown28% of admitted students are financial need scholarship applicants.

LaunchX admissions international students states and countriesAdmitted students hail from 31 states across the United States (making up 60% of the admitted student cohort) and 46 countries (representing 40% of admits), which international students coming from countries including Ghana, Burma, Egypt, Bolivia, Morocco, Brazil, Nicaragua, and more!

LaunchX admitted student entrepreneurial type of builder, brander, and business developerThe entrepreneurial type of the LaunchX admitted students is 19% branders (who specialize in marketing and branding), 37% builders (who tend to be the technical and product development specialists), and 42% business developers (managing the sales, finance, and business logistics).

LaunchX admits are not just aspiring young entrepreneurs, they have already pushed themselves outside of their comfort zone and begun making and doing in an entrepreneurial capacity.  In fact, the admits:

  • 75% have started a company or non-profit previously
  • 68% have started a school club
  • 51% have attended an entrepreneurship program before
  • 35% have competed in an entrepreneurship competition of some kind
  • 30% have attended a hackathon (or several!)

While we do not publicize the total number of applicants or waitlisted students in each year, we are happy to say that our average admissions rate remains in the 10-20% even with growth to additional universities!  For students who want to start real companies with like-minded peers, LaunchX remains the top program to find your co-founders and start something real amongst a group of similarly accomplished, driven, and passionate students.

Stay tuned for additional posts regarding admissions!

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