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MUNECK – An innovative approach for neck pain


August 27, 2022


MUNECK is a multi-platform video game where people use their head movement to match the beats under various genres of music for neck pain relief. To date, 280 million people in the world are suffering from neck pain and this number is rising each year. It’s hard to imagine how many more potential victims there are in the world. To make things worse, many young people are damaging their neck without realizing it. Tilt your head towards one side of your shoulder. Did you feel any tension or pain on the other side of your neck? If so, you need to take action now and stop damaging your neck. 

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How does MUNECK solve neck pain?

MUNECK has cool and fun music game that helps people realize the importance of neck relaxation and form a healthy regular habit to protect their neck. It contains short music levels that can be enjoyed within 3-5 minutes.

Our mission is to help as many people as we can and make a difference in the world. Watch our demo day video to check out how you play it.

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MUNECK’s growth

MUNECK started with an idea and a group of “coding geeks”. After intense collaboration and 5 weeks at LaunchX we were able to successfully finish the game. We started to market it to the world with our custom website. Our team directed all users to the website through multi social media channels, including instagram, discord, bilibili as well as product release sites (devposts and producthunt). These actions also made our product exposed to the search engine. With strong SEO efforts, now anyone who searchers for muneck on google will see several of our contents at the top of the page.

MUNECK’s financial model is simple, we makes money by selling “music packs” to customers. These packs contain gaming levels featuring different genres of music. If you really like certain songs, you can also buy a custom music pack, where we create levels according to the songs you pick. We also have a strong mission in mind. We donate 20% of the money to charity that our team feels strong about and use the rest on the profits to make better levels and games for our product.

We continue to refine our SEO to keep buzzing on the internet. We aim to attract more users to the site and with our effort during the 5 weeks of launchX, we have already drove 300+ downloads. In the future, we have plans to build a marketing team to further expand our impact on more channels, as well as are hiring for business developers, and UX designers.

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Biggest Learnings

During the LaunchX Summer Program we learn 3 key things as a startup. These key learnings helped us to successfully launch our product and complete the end goal of sales. This is our advice to any future startups:

  1. Be action-oriented! Marketing conversion rate is low, so prepare to reach out to 100 and drive only 5 to 10 people to your website.
  2. Have clear a vision and ensure the delivery and output of your goals. Use external tools to make sure all the team members are on track!
  3. Communicate frequently and stay open to making changes and pivoting.

Connect with MUNECK

Connect with us on our platforms below to stay up-to-date with what we are doing and how we are growing!

Instagram: @muneck_official



If you are an aspiring entrepreneur all to our summer program at

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