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VocalEyes - Computer Vision for the Blind

By LaunchX

April 10, 2018

VocalEyes screenshotThe Mission: Empowering the Blind

Sight is a gift, not a necessity. We want to help the blind navigate the world without the absence of vision holding themback.

The Product: 

  • The app uses a proprietary machine learning algorithm to help the blind identify objects in their daily lives. The simple UI allows users to take a picture and listen to what the camera sees.  You can download the app here.
  • The hardware product will provide extremely fast object recognition, as well as implement live recognition to provide continuous feedback about your surroundings. 

Their Traction:

  • They have grown the team since LaunchX summer, adding a couple of team members.
  • The team has been nominated for Forbes 30 Under 30.  See more in this article that we previously syndicated.
  • In addition to already launching on the App store in such a short time, they have already achieved over 6,000 downloads. 

The Team: Neil Deshmukh, Mahmood Alfayoumi, and Marwan Refaat 

Mahmood has previously shared his insights on how to build a great team dynamic.