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Tips for a successful LaunchX application

By LaunchX Team

November 11, 2021

It’s hard to believe, but the application season for LaunchX Summer 2022 is in full swing. We have created a series of videos to guide you through the LaunchX application process and make your application a success.

If you haven’t started your application, make sure to do it as soon as possible because early-round applicants have a higher chance of being admitted. You can apply here!

Before we jump into the details of the LaunchX application, let’s go through some of the important logistics like application deadlines and a timeline for our admission schedule.

Apply By: Notified of Decision By: What is the difference?
Early Admissions December 20, 2021 February 15, 2021 Higher chance of admission, compared against a smaller pool of applicants, notified of acceptance earlier
Regular Admissions Feb 15, 2022 April 15, 2022 Larger pool of applicants so more competitive to gain admittance though have more time to apply

Make sure to check the program page and our FAQ page for any other logistical questions you might have. Chances are, someone has already asked that question and the answer is readily available on our website. For any questions that were left answered, feel free to email us at and we would be happy to help.

Now let’s jump into the LaunchX application.

1) Creating an Account

First, create an account at or log in if you already have an account. We will use the email that you used to create the account for all further communication with you, so please make sure you include an email that you check frequently.

Within the LaunchX application, the sections of the application appear linear across the top, though you can complete them in any order.  Also, you can save partially completed sections at any time and go back to complete them later.

2) General Information

The first section across the top is the “General Information” and asks primarily for a lot of basic demographic information about yourself. It is definitely not the most exciting part of our application process but there is nothing that Google autofill can’t help you with. 🙂

3) (optional) Recommendation

A recommendation is optional. It is an additional opportunity for us to get to know you better. Please make sure that the recommendation is submitted by someone who knows you well in an academic or entrepreneurial setting.  Note: the recommendation is not a letter, but the recommendor fills out a short form that rates students on a few entrepreneurial dimensions.

4) Transcripts and School Information

We do ask for a transcript as a part of your application but your admissions decision is never based solely on your grades or what classes you take because we know that there is a lot more that makes you a great entrepreneur than just your grades. We ask you to submit transcripts and school information for all years of high school. For example, if you are a junior at the time of applying, we will need your transcripts for your 9th, 10th, and fall semester of 11th grade. Please make sure that your transcripts are legible and translate to English if you are an international student. However, the transcript does not need to be official.

5) Activities

The activities section is a big part of the LaunchX application. We want to get an idea of what you are passionate about and how you choose to spend your time. There are a few checkboxes at the top that allow us to assess at a glance the activities that you have extensive experience with. It is not expected or required that you check any of these boxes.  We do want to see that you are motivated and action-oriented in pursuing the things that matter to you. Please make sure that your activities reflect that. 

There are two companies and five activity boxes that you will be asked to fill out. We care about quality over quantity. However, we have noticed that most successful candidates are able to fill out all five. It doesn’t mean that you need to list all activities that you ever participated in, please be selective and pick the ones that are most meaningful to you and highlight activities that demonstrate your entrepreneurial propensity. Please fill them out in order starting with the one most important to you.

As for the activities, please make sure you highlight your specific contribution to the activity.  This means that we want to know what you did as part of the club and the impact of what you did.

6) Video Submission

The video is one of our favorite parts of the LaunchX application!  This is the first part of the application where you’re creating something new versus just telling us what you’ve done before, so use this as an opportunity to show us what you can do!  This is your 30-60 seconds to pitch yourself – to bring together the story of what you’ve done with what you’re going to do.  We want to see you’re a Launchie!

Make sure that your video does NOT exceed 60 seconds, no exceptions.

You have to address the prompt: What will be the impact you’ll make through entrepreneurship? Why are you the one to do it?

Really think about why you want to be an entrepreneur, what you hope to accomplish during a summer at LaunchX, and beyond. We want to know that you are a person of passion and action. Tell your story!

Remember, the video is your opportunity to pitch yourself. Through your video, you’re able to show the person behind the activities and academic achievements, and this can go a long way in your application. 

The video will probably take you the most time to put together, so get started early!  Don’t wait till the last minute to start putting it together.  Planning will go a long way, too.  Be strategic.  Consider starting with an outline of what you want to cover in your video so that you can be sure to address the most important points, in the same way that you might start with an outline of an important paper.  Then fill it in with your script, and what accompanying imagery you might include.  And of course, show us your personality along the way!  We look forward to seeing how you’ll display your impact and experience through your video. 

7) Entrepreneurial Mindset and Startup Teaming

These sections (entrepreneurial mindset and startup teaming) allow us to identify your strengths, motivations, and your expectations for LaunchX. They allow us to assess your starting point to know our potential impact, plus let us know a bit more about you as an entrepreneur as we consider teaming.  Make sure that you are honest with yourself when answering the question. Do not answer in a way that you think we would like you to answer. There are no right or wrong answers.

8) Innovator Portfolio

Depending on your skills and activities you might want to submit a portfolio that would illustrate your accomplishments from the activity section. We have divided the portfolio section into coding, making, or design section and ask you to submit a specific item based on the checkbox selected.

  • Coding (images of the user interface of the website or app, plus images of the backend code. etc.)
  • Design (images of logos or flyers you have designed, renderings you have made, etc.)
  • Making (images of finished assemblies, work in process, and the CAD files you developed, etc.)

You may upload up to 3 photos (anything besides photos in the proper format will not be reviewed). Please include a description of what is contained in the photo if needed and how they display your entrepreneurial propensity.

If you’re a high school student who is ready to change the world, apply now! It takes all types of entrepreneurial change-makers to come together, so if you’re an innovator, maker, designer, dreamer, explorer, visionary, coder, marketer, or just want to start something real, we want you!  Take the first step today and start your LaunchX application – Apply Here!

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FOLUSO Aruleba

26 January 2022

My Son graduated from High school during the Summer of 2021.Already in college now He is very creative with potentials and Entrepreneurship minded.

How can Launch X Mentor him towards achieving His goal ? He is business oriented. His Father is an Architect.

We run a for profit business/ not for profit organization in our Family. I am a Clergy and also graduated with Masters in Public Administration with Specialization in Health Services Administration.

How can my son benefit from the program ? He graduated from High School.