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What is the typical profile of a LaunchX Admitted Student?

By LaunchX Team

November 04, 2020

We were so impressed with the applicant pool this past year; you don’t make it easy for us to narrow down! We get a lot of questions during and after the application process, one of the foremost being, what do we look for in applications?

Although there’s no single perfect formula or profile of the perfect LaunchX admitted student, here are a few examples of admits from this past year to give you a better idea of what appealed to our admissions committee.

LaunchX Admitted Student Example #1

avatar of student example 1

  • Created a coding course while being a founding team member of a startup and working as a  designer/illustrator at a digital business card company
  • She is working on a module-based-dashboard app that she wants to make into a marketable product before graduation
  • She is a president of a software development organization that builds school-recognized apps used by everyone on campus. As admin, she manages projects, interfaces with school administration, and handles applications/admissions
  • As CAD director of the FIRST Robotics club, she spearheads robot design during the season and trains members, and as imagery director, designs posters and apparel and manages PR.
  • In her free time, she loves to skateboard around on the blacktop of her old elementary school
  • GPA 4.0

LaunchX Admitted Student Example #2

avatar of student example 2

  • Passionate about the environment, having founded the Environment Club to raise awareness and instigate the building of a pollinator garden on the school premises
  • Loves to play strategy board games such as chess and monopoly
  • Started multiple sustainability-focused companies, like a company that manufactured laptop sleeves using recycled single-use bottles and fabric. These were then marketed and sold to customers through an online platform
  • Experience debating in many MUN competitions, taking on roles representing countries, and being an active member of committees.
  • 3.5 GPA because we know that entrepreneurs don’t always have perfect GPAs

LaunchX Admitted Student Example #3

avatar of student example 3

  • Set a goal of becoming fluent in French before graduating high school and rallied his friends who are now learning French as well
  • Spearhead a change from non-recycling to recycling school-wide in most classrooms to make the school eco-friendly
  • Founder of the Biology Olympiad in his school
  • Tutors school’s Quizbowl in geography
  • Passionate about marketing and have received Google Digital Marketing, Google Analytics, Hubspot Academy Inbound Certifications
  • Movie junkie and chess enthusiast.

What can we learn from these examples?

In each instance, there is an evident passion that the student has taken the initiative to pursue. Every application also shows a great work ethic, resiliency, and collaboration in its pursuit. We aim to foster these traits, helping them to build and grow throughout the program. While we are certain that several students that we were not able to admit would do exceedingly well at LaunchX, unfortunately, we have limited capacity.

We loved working with these and the many other admitted students, look forward to having many more students across a variety of backgrounds apply for our upcoming summer!

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