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What if I’m… *gasp*… denied to LaunchX?

By Laurie Stach

April 05, 2016

Admissions decisions come out soon!  Which means we know that many of you are laying in eager wait.  But what if you are denied to LaunchX? There are so many wonderfully qualified students that apply to LaunchX, so before decisions are released, we want to cover a few things:

  • Select applicants are placed on a waitlist.  There is not a specific order of these applicants since many factors may be considered if an admitted student does not accept, so please do not ask us for your position on the list.
  • We do not release the number of students who are on the waitlist, nor the number of students admitted from each application round.
  • We cannot provide individualized feedback to each specific applicant regarding their admissions decision, though please know that every application was reviewed by several admissions committee members.
  • If you are denied or waitlisted but not ultimately admitted, keep your head up!  Several admits this year were denied last year, but had an improved application this year that truly impressed us.  In fact, while only ~5% of our applicants applied previously, the number of previous applicants that have been admitted is 2-3 times that rate!

We hope to see you soon – in Launch Summer 2016, during our online course this summer, or applying for Summer 2017!

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