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The LaunchX Campus Experience


This has been a rapidly changing situation around the world that we have continued to monitor closely, making note of potential implications on the summer program operations and student needs. We recognized that after the holidays many schools and events have shifted back to an online mode of delivery as cases have risen higher than ever. After careful consideration, we made a decision not to move forward with our campus locations this summer.  We will continue with our online program only, and ensure we provide an engaging and rewarding experience in this safe environment.

As we debated the best path forward for LaunchX 2022, we’ve reflected on what students have come to expect of the LaunchX program and are confident that we can meet those expectations in an online environment. 

LaunchX 2020 and LaunchX 2021 were an overwhelming success, bringing together over 500 students from around the world to our online course platform, virtual classroom sessions, mentor meetings, and more. These high school students started over 120 companies, envisioning what the world will look like going forward.

LaunchX Online Summer Program provides a dynamic curriculum that implements innovative tools to support our young entrepreneurs. We’ve reimagined what hands-on learning in the online setting can be, allowing students to build community and engage dynamically in innovative new formats. This flexibility gives students the opportunity to tailor their learning and access experienced staff and top resources from the comfort of their home. Our engaging online program yields the same high standards of your startup goals, an innovative framework guiding you through the entrepreneurial process, and an amazing community of ambitious entrepreneurs. We are pleased to provide this efficient model online connecting young entrepreneurs around the world.

Here are just a few things to look forward to in LaunchX Summer 2022:

  • Speakers: You can customize your experience and learn from leading industry experts, entrepreneurs, and renowned instructors from top universities.
  • Engaging Materials: We continue to iterate on our renowned course materials each year to bring you the best materials and delivery.  The ‘classroom’ is super interactive, with lots of breakout sessions, case studies, simulations, and more…
  • Support: There are discussion groups with other top young entrepreneurs, weekly meetings with your Lead Instructor, and each team is supported by several mentors with whom you meet each week. You are supported in every step of your entrepreneurial journey plus able to build your startup network. 
  • Community: The people are what make LaunchX! Unfortunately, given the extent of safety precautions that would be required to run a campus program, the experience would likely limit opportunities for international student travel, startup market research, and social events if it’s held in person. That’s why we’ve got exciting startup resources and social events prepared for this year to connect our students even more in an online environment.
  • Apply your Skills: You apply all of the lessons in real-time through discussion groups and weekly pitches to your peers and instructors. The program culminates with a Demo Day Event where you can showcase your newly acquired skillset by pitching your startup to a panel of seasoned entrepreneurs.  Many teams continue past the program, too!  

We hope you’ll join us in making summer 2022 another successful year of the LaunchX summer program. You can start your application here. The regular round deadline is February 15th.