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Online Certificate Program

Unfortunately, we have decided not to run this program. 

We will be refocusing on our summer offering so that we will be able to announce it soon.


Summer Program

Your Entrepreneurial Journey Starts Now

LaunchX gives high school students the skills and mindset to start real companies. Our program will help you to leverage your talents and tenacity to learn about entrepreneurship and start on your journey to building a viable startup. We’ll train you in the innovative thinking that allows founders to create successful businesses.

What You'll Learn

  • Analyzing and selecting potential business opportunities
  • Performing market research to determine product market fit
  • Testing your offering through different types of mockups and protoypes
  • Iterating on your offering and colecting data and feedback for improvement
  • Selling your offering and pitching your startup

Note: LaunchX reserves the right to change the curriculum and delivery of the program to improve participant experience.


Your Program Experience

Bringing a real product to the market is no small task. Your LaunchX experience will be challenging. It will be intense. And it will be worth it.

Team activities, group discussions, and weekly webinars will immerse you in the entrepreneurial process and push you to stretch the limits of what you thought was possible. You’ll work with your team to put the course material lessons to work—applying your newfound knowledge and skills to bring your ideas to life.


Virtual Program Testimonials

young entrepreneur Nana Annor Asante<

Nana Annor Asante

The LaunchX I experienced this year wasn't the one I was hoping for originally. I didn't get to travel and see these great colleges and their cities, but now that the program has ended, I've realized something. It was never the buildings or the cities that made this program so great - it was the people, and the effort put in by everyone involved - from the admins to the students - that made this program what it is. I learned so much I doubt I could put it into words here. Of course, I learned a lot about entrepreneurship, and working with a team, but I think the real treasure was what I learned about myself, and the skills LaunchX brought out in me. Taking part in LaunchX and its community has unleashed something in me I didn't know I had. I now breathe, eat, and sleep entrepreneurship. LaunchX has really helped me decide the path I want to take in life, and for that I thank you.

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young entrepreneur Jennifer Song<

Jennifer Song

Most importantly, I learned that creating a startup venture consists of cycles of ups and downs. A good idea does not guarantee sales, nor does a good business plan guarantee success. Without successful branding and gaining loyal customers, a prototype is not truly an innovation. Pitching in front of mentors, instructors, interns and students helped with my presentation skills and was very enjoyable as well.

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young entrepreneur Sidaarth Sabhnani<

Sidaarth Sabhnani

I learned something very important about myself: I don't need to artificially manufacture productivity, it comes naturally when I am working on an inspiring mission. I also learned how to work even better as a team, as well as a virtual and remote team. Finally, I learned I seriously improved my problem solving skills. Thank you so much for LaunchX 2020, Virtual Edition! This was truly the silver lining of the pandemic, and I am so proud of all I learned and accomplished. I am looking forward to a career in entrepreneurship as well.

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young entrepreneur Yuan Tai Xie<

Yuan Tai Xie

It's not too early to start NOW. Throughout this program, I have been exposed to so many peers that have taken initiative to make it happen, and in this environment, I feel encouraged to upgrade myself and do the same. I've learned that taking the first step out is the single most important thing to get anything done. I've had the opportunity to practice many soft skills that are useful in life, no matter what I choose to pursue: leadership, team communication, presentation and public speaking, growing connections, present myself professionally, etc. It has been an amazing time spent with LaunchX over the past 6 weeks. Thank you for all the fun, content, network, and opportunities!

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young entrepreneur Aiwei Zhang<

Aiwei Zhang

Before Launch, I've never had any classes for entrepreneurship, and Launch definitely gave me a solid foundation for my knowledge in entrepreneurship and how starting a real business is like. Also, I came to Launch thinking that I may probably be starting a platform/software business, but I'm really glad how things turned out - I co-founded a hardware product startup. I stepped out of my comfort zone - and I'm definitely going to continue our business with my team.

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young entrepreneur Elyes Laalai<

Elyes Laalai

I'd definitely say that the most valuable thing I learned in the program is that Entrepreneurship is something that regroups a series of skills that make up success. To be honest, when I joined the program, I had a completely different point of view towards Entrepreneurship; I thought it was something that you are genuinely good or bad at without even training. After the different and interesting classes I joined, I believe now that everyone can become a successful entrepreneur. Even in the cases of lack of access to the resources, Entrepreneurship creates a plan to make the resources available and solve a problem afterwards. Many concepts have been changed in my mind, and I'm really happy that I got to experience a shift in my mindset, especially that I figured out that progress is possible, even in the worst cases when there are potential solutions.

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