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How are co-founder teams formed?

November 09, 2020

There are many components that are taken into consideration to increase the chances of team alignment and success, such as:

  • Amount of passion team members feel towards the opportunity / problem to be solved
  • Variety of experience and qualifications
  • Complementary skill sets
  • Balance of personalities
  • Geographic / time zone considerations (taken into account for the virtual program to allow easier coordination to meet outside of class sessions)

We ask some targeted questions throughout the admissions process and once you’ve been admitted to help us better understand who you are and what types of people you’ll work with best. Questions about your experience and skills, personality, and the types of problems you’re interested in solving help us to determine who to team you with. You’ll find out who is on your team a couple weeks prior to the summer program.

Because teaming is so important, our process for building co-founder teams is very iterative—we’re always asking ourselves “how can we form stronger teams?” and experimenting with new tactics.