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What will be the LaunchX Summer Program location in 2023?

November 09, 2020

This has been a rapidly changing situation around the world that we have continued to monitor closely, making note of potential implications on the summer program operations and student needs. We recognize that in the last few months schools around the world, including some of our host universities, have shifted to an online mode of delivery. After careful consideration, we made a decision to hold LaunchX Summer 2021 online.

As we debated the best path forward for LaunchX 2021, we’ve reflected on what students came to expect of LaunchX program and we are confident that we can meet those expectations in an online environment.

There’s a lot of skepticism about online learning, and we understand! It’s hard to create a great program that has the same community-building and engagement of an in-person program. However, LaunchX was able to do it in the summer of 2020. LaunchX 2020 was an overwhelming success, bringing together close to 300 students from around the world and helping them start 60 companies.

LaunchX has always been about

  1. Safety
  2. Learning
  3. Fun

Safety: being on a university campus with a group of like-minded peers has provided a safe environment while you’ve pushed yourself outside your comfort zone to start real companies. Unfortunately, that sense of safety has changed in the past year, and it’s no longer safe to bring students from all over the world and have them in close proximity to each other on a university campus. With more than 8 million people in the U.S. who have had confirmed coronavirus infections and the exponential spread of COVID-19 in the US, we choose to put the safety of our students first and conduct LaunchX 2021 online.

Community: a community of top aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world is what makes LaunchX special. Unfortunately, given the current travel restrictions, most international students won’t be able to attend the program if it’s held in person, in addition to the limitations of any community building events in person. An online environment can provide just as many, if not more opportunities for community building if done right. We love thinking about things like how to ensure there are similar spontaneous interactions online as there are in person.

Learning: we understand that starting a company in an online environment adds another level of adversity. However, we are here to support you every step of the way and we have 60 companies started last summer proving that it’s possible if you have a team of like-minded peers who are working together towards a common goal. We’ve put a lot of thought into ensuring that the online environment is dynamic and engaging.

Fun: given the current situation, if LaunchX were to be held in person, we would have to eliminate all of the community events to prevent the spread of the COVID-19. LaunchX is not just about starting a company but about networking and building lifelong connections with your peers. We have planned a variety of community building events that will be conducted online and allow you to take advantage of a like-minded network of innovative young minds and have fun with them along the way.

Speakers: without geographic limitations of bringing speakers to a physical location, we’re able to source some amazing speakers and offer students flexibility in tailoring your elective sessions based on your interests.

Demo Day: teams are able to prepare video pitches (check these out from summer 2020 on YouTube if you haven’t already!), and with the event being run online, we’re able to source a variety of great panelists including some investors who have been impressed by our teams, some even seeking contact after the event.

If you’re a high school student who is ready to change the world, apply now! It takes all types of entrepreneurial change-makers to come together, so if you’re an innovator, maker, designer, dreamer, explorer, visionary, coder, marketer, or just want to start something real, we want you! Take the first step today and start your application to LaunchX.