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The Team

Like all entrepreneurs starting out, our students need the support of a community in order to navigate the entrepreneurial process, growing personally and professionally.  We have a strong team who is passionate about education and making an impact, with complementary skills that come together to deliver our prestigious programs.


The LaunchX Team

Laurie Stach, founder and executive director at LaunchX<
Entrepreneur, maker, and instructor with degrees from MIT and HBS

Laurie Stach Founder & Executive Director

Michael Martin, Operations Manager<
Tech entrepreneur and lean startup instructor with Masters from Harvard

Michael Martin Operations Manager

Pamela Civins, Assistant Director at LaunchX<
Experienced director of education non-profit with masters from Harvard Graduate School of Education

Pamela Civins Assistant Director

Mariah Ramos, partnerships manager at LaunchX<
Sales and recruitment professional

Mariah Ramos Partnerships & Business Development Manager

Mariya Masha Utkina, administrative assistant at LaunchX<
Experience in program planning, assistant teaching, and community organization

Mariya "Masha" Utkina Administrative Support


LaunchX Support Organizations

LaunchX is an independent organization that works with a variety of complementary programs, sponsors, and university hosts to provide our innovative offering to high school students  

Complementary Programs

International Expansion Partners

University Hosts