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LaunchX Virtual

The LaunchX Virtual Summer Program delivers the same quality program experience and community in an online environment

About The Program

We recognize that this year is posing a challenge and concerns for many students as they worry about things like travel or visas to join us for this summer.  With the safety and learning of our students at the forefront of our concerns, we are excited to announce the accelerated development of this latest program innovation: LaunchX Virtual

The LaunchX Virtual Program delivers the same quality program experience and community in an online environment.  This isn’t just the interactive classes, simulations, and speakers. We’re also providing the mentors, check-ins, progress tracking of teams, and support for prototyping.  Your calendar will be semi-customized to your team and even to your role within the team, so that you get a more tailored experience. What’s more, we’re able to provide some pretty awesome speakers now that we’re less restricted by geography!  (stay tuned for annoncements on these)

How It Works

Our summer program taps into your potential as an ambitious high school student, supporting you through the process of launching an actual startup.

We bring a highly curated group of promising young entrepreneurs together from around the globe. You’ll learn from industry experts and work in a group of peer co-founders to build real products and solve business challenges in meaningful and viable ways.


Startup teams are assigned a lead instructor and TA, plus have a team a mentors, with whom they get time each week. There is a combination of interactive class discussions, team time, instructor check-ins, and community feedback to ensure personal growth and startup progress.

Dates And Timing

6 weeks: June 29 – August 7
Expected commitment is fulltime meaning 40hrs/week.
Core sessions are offered 2x per day to account for time zones.
Startup teams are formed taking into account geographic considerations, skills, interests, and preferences.


Startup teams are part of multiple cohorts based on startup industry, business type, and geography allowing customized sessions, feedback amongst teams, and community building.
Plus, students are in skill and personality cohorts allowing individual development.


Students must have a computer with Internet access that allows video streaming for the duration of the program.  Our course platform syncs with Google calendar, with video conferencing software for our interactive classes, with repositories of your startup team materials, and with calendar bookings of our team and mentors.

Startup Progress

Market research and prototyping has its pros and cons when working remotely. You’ll be in the same location as after the program, and have access to some of the resources that you already know. Roles in your team will be important to consider, and we’ll help with shipping materials you identify for prototyping, providing mentors, and outsourcing where we can.

Pricing And Enrollment

Current and previous 2020 summer program admits are invited to enroll in the LaunchX Virtual program with deposits due by April 13.
The program fee is $5450 inclusive of the full six week program experience, discounted heavily from our in-person program, with a more personalized program and lengthened to increase startup success.

Bringing a real product to the market during the short timeframe of the summer is no small task.

Classroom activities, case study discussions and mentor meetings will immerse you in the entrepreneurial process and push you to stretch the limits of what you thought was possible. Each day, you’ll learn from startup founders and industry experts who know first-hand what it takes to build a viable company. During the downtime of your scheduled class sessions, mentor meetings, and instructor check-ins, you’ll work with your cofounder team to put these lessons to work—applying your newfound knowledge and skills to take your company to the next level.

Your LaunchX experience will be challenging. It will be intense. And it will be worth it.  Join us for this groundbreaking and life-changing experience!

Interested in applying next year?  Fill out this form to be notified when applications open:

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