Young Entrepreneurs Summer Program

Does This Describe YOU?

  • Love to solve problems
  • Want to make a difference
  • See opportunities in challenges
  • Leave your comfort zone
  • Passionate
  • Determined

You might just be an entrepreneur!

What Do You Need To Achieve Entrepreneurial Success?

  • Knowledge of the process
  • A good team
  • Experienced mentors
  • A support network
  • All of the above, and more!

LaunchX brings together high school entrepreneurs with the resources and network to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit and start real companies.

Real High School Entrepreneurs, Building Real Companies

Join the thousands of innovators and change-makers who make up our alumni community.

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LaunchX Alumni Startups

Click on the startup launched by our high school entrepreneurs to learn more, plus check out the companies page and our blog for many more startup successes.


Foundery is a network where visionaries and skilled individuals create teams and businesses around ground-breaking ideas. The website is a platform for people to post ideas and attract the attention of others who want to help bring them to life. While teams are ultimately created at the discretion of the visionaries, the website's advanced pairing algorithm connects users to ideas based on their own unique skills and passions. From experienced entrepreneurs to high school coders, Foundery offers a way to make business creation possible for anyone with the ambition to sign up.  (LaunchX is a customer - they've made some great progress, including raising some seed funding!)

Founders: Prez Thomas, Hunter Hancock, Akhi Khakhar and Alex Brufsky


The average doctor spends roughly 30% to 40% of their work hours simply charting patient data onto the Electronic Health Record. For doctors, AAYU is the preferred way to do EHR because it delivers an accurate voice to text approach to medical documentation. By prioritizing speed, ease of use, and security, AAYU allows doctors to put the emphasis on patients, not paperwork. 


Savy allows customers to discover styles at 1000-plus retail partners and enter how much they’d be willing to pay.  Customers get great deals and partnered businesses get direct feedback about their product pricing, access to customers’ emails, and also become a part of the community of Savy Stores.  So far, it has significantly increased conversions and revenues for businesses while allowing customers to get great deals.

Disha started Savy while at Launch in 2014 and was on Shark Tank.

Stories From Our High School Entrepreneurs

Learn about the LaunchX summer program experience from our alumni.