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Young Entrepreneurs Summer Program

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Are you an innovator, problem solver, explorer, or aspiring entrepreneur ready to launch a startup that changes the world?

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LaunchX Summer 2021 - We're Ready for YOU!

As the top entrepreneurship program for high school students, we understand that the value of the LaunchX experience is more than just our course materials, speakers, and mentors (though we're pretty proud of the awesome resources we've assembled).  So much of the value is YOU. 

LaunchX has an unparalleled community of top young entrepreneurs coming together each summer to start something real.

And we're excited to help...


Does This Describe YOU?

  • 1

    Love to solve problems

  • 2

    Want to make a difference

  • 3

    Push yourself outside your comfort zone

  • 4

    Passionate and determined


Real High School Entrepreneurs, Building Real Companies

Join the thousands of innovators and change-makers who make up our alumni community.

icon for people alumni 1300+

young entrepreneurs have completed the LaunchX summer program

icon for companies rocket launch 300+

high school startup companies have been launched by our students

check mark icon 87%

experience both personal and professional growth at LaunchX



LaunchX brings together high school entrepreneurs with the resources and network to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit and start real companies.  Click on each to learn more.

Marty Culpepper<

Top Speakers

LaunchX has collaborated with top universities over the years and is able to pool speakers from these collaborations and more!

  • Professors, lecturers, and instructors from universities including MIT, Harvard Business School, University of Michigan, Northwestern University, University of Pennsylvania, and more
  • Experienced entrepreneurs sharing their stories, providing advice, and giving tips 
  • Industry experts across branding, design, fundraising, social media, customer acquisition, prototyping, and more
See our Program page for more
Louisa Eyler<

Experienced Staff

Program leaders and interns bring their entrepreneurial experience:

  • Program leader example #1: executive life coach, healthcare consultant, adjunct professor, TEDx speaker, and commercialized a product on Amazon
  • Program leader example #2: founder of a company providing online business training, Forbes Coaches Council contributor, high school entrepreneurship teacher, adjunct professor and entrepreneur in residence
LaunchX course materials<

Leading Course Materials

LaunchX has continually been a leader in high school entrepreneurship education.  Examples of the thought leadership include:

  • A top rated edX / MITx course (recognized by CNBC)
  • A workbook on Amazon
  • Three founder TEDx talks

We're also constantly innovating on our course materials for the summer program.  One of our motto's is that "data drives decisions," so we are continuously using feedback to iterate.  


LaunchX Alumni Teen Startups

Click on the startup launched by our high school entrepreneurs to learn more, plus check out the companies page and our blog for many more startup successes.

AUesome startup kit<

AUesome - activity kits for autistic children

AUesome is an app for autistic children promotes spatial & sensory learning with cognitively engaging games & an integrated physical activity kit.  Their vision is to simplify the at-home therapy process for parents of children with autism by combining a physical play kit with an app that serves as an accompanying training tool for the activities in the kit.

As of partway through LaunchX Virtual, this startup team completed their minimum viable product (MVP) kits to send out for user testing. They sent out 5-8 free kits (adjustable to customer interest) to parents for initial feedback plus set up a GoFundMe to help fund free kits. They also are applying for a grant, as they are a non-profit and could be eligible for certain grant based funding. They have also coded a website to further promote their product, idea, and demonstrations of their kit, along with an app mockup. 

Learn More
Dotbot example<

Dotbot - tactile diagrams for blind students

Dotbot creates a time and cost-efficient solution, making tactile diagrams accessible for blind students.  We use our proprietary smart OCR technology to convert any text from the input image into braille. Our device then creates the tactile shape or diagram using our US patent-pending method.  A perfect tactile diagram is produced in a matter of seconds. What makes Dotbot special is our groundbreaking price point, which drastically increases affordability and accessibility. We see the problem from a new perspective, and hence are able to use existing technology in a new way, allowing us to achieve disruptive results. 

Learn More

Cognatlity - VR for autistic children

Cognality helps autistic children deal with triggering situations by allowing them to transport to their safe space through virtual reality.

People with autism are usually highly sensitive to their environments. This is different for people on the spectrum, but in general, autistic people have unusually sensitive “sensory” systems. This means that they can be easily overwhelmed by senses sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste.

The best way to help calm your child is to identify when your child is on the verge of the meltdown and take them to a quiet place where they can redeem themselves. However, this is sometimes not possible, especially in public places. With the usage of virtual reality, Cognality offers instant transportation to your child’s favorite calm place anywhere and at any time.

While your child uses the headset, you can view exactly what they are seeing through a separate phone, tablet, or computer.

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In the Press

LaunchX has been featured in a variety of prestigious publications including the Huffington Post, BostInno, CNBC, Best College Reviews, Raising Entrepreneurs, and more! 

LaunchX in the press







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