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About LaunchX

Our mission is to empower young people to build the future

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LaunchX Was A Startup Once, Too!

High school students have such enormous potential, and our founder, Laurie Stach, believes immensely in that potential.  Read more below to learn about LaunchX: the history and founding of LaunchX including the early years, being brought into and subsequently spinning out of MIT, and growing to meet the immense demand of entrepreneurship education.



LaunchX was founded in 2012.

High-achieving high school students love to innovate, challenge themselves, and want to change the world! Only it’s hard to be taken seriously at such a young age – these promising young innovators are told they’ll do great things once they get a degree and some experience. Founder Laurie Stach was no different as a young girl, and always had a passion and drive to create real impact—what she’d lacked as a young student was the tools, resources, and confidence to do it. Suddenly, Laurie knew that she had to pursue this calling to help high school students fulfill their entrepreneurial spirit.


The best place for these students to get the mentorship and resources to grow as entrepreneurs was at Laurie‘s alma mater, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  2013 was the first summer program year, with LaunchX able to accept only 15% of the 210 student applications, validating that there was a real need here. Yes—this program was something that ambitious high school students wanted.

Learn more about the summer program here.


MIT took notice. There was synergy between our hands-on strategy to help high school entrepreneurial students churn out companies in just one month and MIT’s mens et manus—mind and hand—philosophy. LaunchX also implements many aspects of Professor Bill Aulet’s Disciplined Entrepreneurship methodology. We were invited to join MIT’s Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship in the fall of 2014 as the Trust Center’s offering for high school students.  We grew to run two sessions per summer with additional students in each session.


Recognizing the need for greater reach of entrepreneurship education, we developed and launched our online course in 2016.  Becoming an Entrepreneur is available on the edX/ MITx platform, allowing students from around the world to start their entrepreneurial journey.

Learn more about the online course here.


In 2017, we received the highest number of applicants yet, and enrolled our largest number of students, but also reached the limit of what we could do at one university.

We want to make entrepreneurship education available to more high school students, so we left the Trust Center and rebranded from “MIT Launch” to “LaunchX” for growth beyond MIT and expansion to other universities and reach even more students.

See our programs page for our most recent locations.


In response to the coronavirus pandemic, LaunchX made the proactive strategic decision to take the summer program online for the first time with LaunchX Virtual.

The LaunchX Virtual 2020 Summer Program delivers the same quality program experience and community in an online environment.  What’s more, the virtual environment allows for a more tailored student experience, while also bringing even more talented speakers and mentors for our students to learn from.  With the world rapidly changing, we’re more excited than ever to see what these young entrepreneurs launch this summer.

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