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About LaunchX

Our mission is to empower young people to build the future

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About Us

LaunchX gives students the entrepreneurial skills and mindset to start real companies.

Our programs help students leverage their talents and tenacity to build a viable startup. We train students in the skills and innovative thinking that allow founders to create successful businesses, challenging you to take a real startup from idea to execution and impact.

LaunchX is an independent organization that works with a variety of industry collaborators, volunteers, and university hosts to provide our innovative education programs.

We believe that high school students are capable of making a real and meaningful impact, now. We won’t stop until students everywhere have the tools they need to take initiative in building the lives and world they envision.


Our Story

Learn more about the history and timeline of the founding of LaunchX by founder Laurie Stach, including the first years, being brought into and subsequently spinning out of MIT, and growing to meet the immense demand of entrepreneurship education.

LaunchX founder Laurie Stach<


Founder Laurie Stach recalled her frustration as a young girl when adults told her she’d do great things someday. At the same time, she had felt underprepared with the skills to succeed in her career. She’d always had the passion and drive to create real impact—what she’d lacked as a young student was the tools, resources, and confidence to do it. Suddenly, Laurie knew she had to pursue this mission.


Laurie prepared to run the pilot summer of LaunchX at her alma mater, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In her first summer, she was able to accept only 15% of the 210 student applications, validating that there was a real need here. Yes—this program was something that ambitious high school students wanted.

Learn more about the summer program here.

2013 LaunchX high school students with Disciplined Entrepreneurship author and Managing Director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship Bill Aulet<
logo of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship<


MIT took notice. There was synergy between our hands-on strategy to help students churn out companies in just one month and MIT’s mens et manus—mind and hand—philosophy. LaunchX also implements many aspects of Professor Bill Aulet’s Disciplined Entrepreneurship methodology. We were invited to join MIT’s Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship as the Trust Center’s offering for high school students.

We grew from one session of 30 students the first summer to two sessions of 40 students. Our students were inspired and energized by entrepreneurship, and began bringing LaunchX curriculum back to their own high schools to start entrepreneurship clubs. Upon seeing this demand, we began to support these clubs with curricular resources and mentorship, and LaunchX Clubs were born.

Learn more about the clubs program here.


Recognizing the need for greater reach of entrepreneurship education, we developed and launched our online course, Becoming an Entrepreneur, on the edX/ MITx platform, allowing students from around the world to start their entrepreneurial journey.

Learn more about the online course here.

Becoming an Entrepreneur edX course image<
LaunchX logo standalone<


After receiving the highest number of applicants yet, our summer program enrollment reached an all-time high of 160 students. We want to make entrepreneurship education available to even more high school students, so we left the Trust Center to expand to other universities.

Learn more about our new universities here.


The LaunchX Team

Laurie Stach, founder and executive director at LaunchX<
Entrepreneur, maker, and instructor with degrees from MIT and HBS

Laurie Stach Founder & Executive Director

Mariya Masha Utkina, administrative assistant at LaunchX<
Experience in program planning, assistant teaching, and community organization

Mariya "Masha" Utkina Administrative Support

Claire Ingelfinger, Curriculum Designer at LaunchX<
Masters in Art of Teaching in Education, experienced in teaching, designing lesson plans, and optimizing student engagement

Claire Ingelfinger Curiculum Designer

A.J. Dunlap, Marketing Coordinator at LaunchX<
Experienced creative in marketing, branding, and design with an MBA from West Texas A & M

A.J. Dunlap Marketing Coordinator


LaunchX Support Organizations

LaunchX is an independent organization that works with a variety of complementary programs, sponsors, and university hosts to provide our innovative offering to high school students  

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Project Green Schools
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