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Do I Need A Startup Idea?

LaunchX students are eager to start their own companies. They often wonder how they can choose the best business idea, so we’ll run through some frequent questions here to help you prepare for your application and onboarding to LaunchX.

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Summer Program - What to Expect

person with lightbulb poster and strategy sketching background
Do I Need A Startup Idea?
frustrated on computer
Should I apply again if I was declined from LaunchX before?
images of LaunchX students
What Types of Students Get Admitted to LaunchX Summer Program?
student working
Tips for a successful LaunchX application
LaunchX Rock Paper Scissors finals
Social Events at LaunchX Virtual
word cloud of LaunchX alumni startup descriptions
LaunchX Alumni Startup Statistics
More Summer Logistics and Student Experiences
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Featured LaunchX Entrepreneurs

KUB offering
Senior starts company to help limit kids’ screen time
Piolock product image
Piolock: Smart Pillow with Alarm Clock and Riser
AUesome demo kit
AUesome: play kits for children with autism
Deaux startup team
Deaux: Tips for Navigating the Startup-verse
Startup team from LaunchX Summer Program Remedium
Remedium: Improving Outcomes for Chemotherapy Patients
COVID-19 image to represent LaunchX community response
The LaunchX Entrepreneurial Community Responds to COVID-19
More Stories of our Young Entrepreneurs
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Becoming an Entrepreneur - Tips and Insights

computer with code
An Introduction to Node.js: Server Side JavaScript
business meeting with post-its
Entrepreneurship is More than Starting a Company
How to Stay Organized
Why Entrepreneurs Should Develop Autodidactic Traits
final painting of Kelly Ding for the creation process
The Creation Process
Sujay in the clasroom
How to Inspire Others through Perseverance and Leadership
More Startup Tips & Insights
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