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One Month Until LaunchX Summer

We’re just one month away from the start of LaunchX Summer 2020! Soon this summer’s students will be coming together to form startup teams and launch real companies in a variety of online forums.

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Summer Program - What to Expect

student brander designing startup company logo at launchX summer program virtual 2020
One Month Until LaunchX Summer
startup business team in high school entrepreneurship program for teens
How Are Startup Teams Assigned at LaunchX Summer?
LaunchX namecards in the classroom
Builder, Brander, Business Developer, Brain: 4 Entrepreneurial Types
LaunchX Summer Admissions Data 2020
LaunchX Summer Admissions Data 2020
LaunchX summer program superlatives
Want to Apply? Read this First (Part 2)
notebook image from LaunchX
Want to Apply? Read this First
More Summer Logistics and Student Experiences
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Featured LaunchX Entrepreneurs

COVID-19 image to represent LaunchX community response
The LaunchX Entrepreneurial Community Responds to COVID-19
virtual reality program for students with autism
What is Cognality?
LaunchX startup company Package Theft Notification
Packmat - An Aesthetic Solution to Package Theft
young entrepreneur Kyler Wang and fellow Launchies at LaunchX
Bringing Hometown Entrepreneurship to a Global Community
image of triangles and output from printer of dotbot
7 ideas, 4 weeks, 1 venture - Dotbot
Andrew Gao: Think of a Problem First
Andrew Gao: Think of a Problem First
More Stories of our Young Entrepreneurs
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Becoming an Entrepreneur - Tips and Insights

science nonprofit startup helyx initiative founded by launchx high school entrepreneur
Starting a Nonprofit: From One Member to Six Hundred
LaunchX mentor
Building Mentor Relationships
Bridge team at LaunchX
Advice for Aspiring High School Entrepreneurs
Crazy for Cryptocurrency
aquaframe mockup for customer beta testing and acquisition
Growing Your Startup One Customer at a Time
technical co-founder computer screen
How to Be a Technical Co-Founder
More Startup Tips & Insights
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