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Learning in the Classroom vs Learning by Doing

Listening to teachers, taking notes, and handing in homework are traditional classroom routines for most of high schools.

At LaunchX, however, we enjoy a glimpse of our life in the future – a combination of learning with professionals and applying our skills to solve real-world problems.

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Summer Program - What to Expect

LaunchX students setting up for market simulation
Learning in the Classroom vs Learning by Doing
example geography international of statistics on admitted students form 2019
LaunchX Summer Admissions Data 2019
LaunchX summer entrepreneurial high school students
Why LaunchX?
Judith Chen
Living in Boston for MIT LaunchX
students working on a 3D printer in a maker space for entrepreneurship
Tips for Making your Class Entrepreneurial
hands-on learning in entrepreneurship course
4 Changes For Educators To Setup an Entrepreneurial Classroom
More Summer Logistics and Student Experiences
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Featured LaunchX Entrepreneurs

Natrion Team
4 Lessons from Natrion for All Fellow High School Entrepreneurs
Solupal startup team
Solupal Tips for Startup Product Development
LaunchX alum and young entrepreneur Keivan Shahida
Keivan Shahida: From Rejection to Ratification
LaunchX Clubs Team Swap Shop
Swap Shop: Sustainable Kids' Fashion
Notable Notebooks erasable notebook
Notable Notebooks: Don't Judge a Notebook by its Cover
crop residue fortune logo
Crop Residue Fortune turns crops into biomass
More Stories of our Young Entrepreneurs
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Becoming an Entrepreneur - Tips and Insights

aquaframe mockup for customer beta testing and acquisition
Growing Your Startup One Customer at a Time
technical co-founder computer screen
How to Be a Technical Co-Founder
future of education blackboard
The Future of Education
coder engineer and business person talking at whiteboard
Tips for Team Communication between Engineers and Business People
LaunchX startup mentor Amanda Anderson
Amanda Anderson: Multi-Generational Impact of Echo Chambers
Books about entrepreneurship
Rethinking Education: 5 Founders & Their Influential Companies
More Startup Tips & Insights
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