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LaunchX 2018 Summer Program Admissions Stats

By Laurie Stach

April 27, 2018

Curious about what the cohort of high student entrepreneurs at LaunchX is like?  We had our most competitive applicant pool and admissions season this year for our limited spaces in the LaunchX entrepreneurship summer program, where high students start real companies.  Here’s a bit about our incoming class for the 2018 summer program:

LaunchX admissions for 2018 summer program

The program has consistently maintained a 10-20% admissions rate since its start in summer of 2013, with an extremely high yield of acceptances at 80-95%.


This year’s incoming students are:

  • 43.5% female / 56.5% male
  • From across 20 states and 35 countries including Kuwait, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Burma, Ethiopia, Brazil, South Korea, Tunisia, Slovakia, and more
  • Self-identified across the entrepreneurial types of:
    • 55% builder – technology and product development
    • 47% brander – marketing, brand, and visual design
    • 53% business developer – operations, finance, and sales
  • Experienced across a range of projects and initiatives that display entrepreneurial propensity:
    • 68% have started a school club
    • 67% have started a company or non-profit
    • 48% have attended an entrepreneurship program
    • 38% have competed in a startup competition
    • 31% have attended hackathons

We look forward to welcoming our incoming class of students across our three university campuses this summer!

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