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AAYU – Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Streamline Medical Documentation

By AAYU Team

July 31, 2019

AAYU Today

AAYU is conversational software that will allow doctors to effectively retrieve and document patient data on electronic medical records. Our mission is to reinvent the way electronic medical records are documented.

Our team has faced many challenges along the road such as branding disagreements, finding the right approach to our customer’s problem, and conducting sufficient primary market research with limited initial connections. However, using the key principles we gained from LaunchX, we were able to tackle such challenges. Even on days when one member feels exhausted, other team members should be able to provide the enthusiasm and motivation to keep pushing the company forward. Our founding team is diverse, coming from places like Mexico, Vietnam, the USA, and India and although some days in the early startup process might be difficult, it is incredibly important to work as a team and stay resilient through setbacks. We believe that the true value of LaunchX wasn’t in getting our company off the ground, but instead, the learning experience that helped build a entrepreneurial foundation beyond the four-week program.

Looking Forward

We launched our company, AAYU, this summer and our mission is to reinvent the way electronic medical records are documented. After determining the feasibility of our software and receiving valuable feedback, we established our company goals in the early stages of managing our startup and are working towards having our technology used by a minimum of 100 doctors by Fall 2019. We hope to reduce EHR documentation time by 50%, allowing medical institutions to treat 150% more patients on average and our plan of action is to market our products at medical trade shows, share flyers, and submit to medical journals. Simply put, we want to empower doctors to focus on what matters the most: patients.

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