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Avanti3D: Detect and Avoid 3D Printing Problems

January 23, 2018

Avanti3D was founded by teen entrepreneurs Adam Potter, Bo Hrytsak, Jasper Katzban, and Nate Houston during our 2017 summer entrepreneurship program. This team of high-tech smarts and hustler know-how came together around a passion for 3D printing.

Experienced 3D makers, they’d all experienced the frustration with their printers malfunctioning and projects going to waste. As they spoke to other 3D printer users, it became clear to these four that they weren’t the only ones who’d become frustrated with their 3D printing efforts—currently, 3D printers malfunction an average of 1 out of every 5 prints. Adam, Bo, Jasper, and Nate set to work creating Avanti3D so that makers, students, and enthusiasts can go back to having fun tinkering and spend less time babysitting and troubleshooting their printer.

Value Proposition

For businesses that develop and create 3D printed prototypes, Avanti3D offers an invaluable tool that saves time, money and stress. Their product decreases the learning curve for new users while making the overall 3D printing experience more enjoyable.


  • Detects Problems:  Avanti3D uses computer vision and filament tracking technologies to alert you about problems with—
    • Bed adhesion
    • Nozzle clogging
    • Layer warping
  • Allows you to watch 3D printing live or later: Avanti3D allows you to watch a livestream of your prints and creates a time lapse video of every single one of your prints and stores it for you in the cloud, so you can review your print later on and find the source of the error.
    • Live troubleshooting: Watch a live stream of your print, see statistics, receive troubleshooting suggestions, and get detailed description with details and images when notified of malfunction
    • Awesome videos: you will have access to print time lapses to show off your process in addition to your prints
    • Connect with others: Avanti3D has a community of professionals in the 3D printing industry on their forum to help get your troubleshooting questions answered


  • Product design:
    • Simple plug and play development—Avanti3D works with most of the 3D printers on the market. Simply plug it in and enjoy a more productive printing experience
    • Iteration to a beautiful brushed aluminum design—Make Avanti3D highlight your gorgeous 3D prints with a clean, sleek design
    • App design and development – Push notifications from our app, emails or text messages. We will make sure you are informed of a malfunction
  • Testing and piloting:
    • Nearly 250 people involved with 3D printing on the daily basis filled out a questionnaire indicating a high interest in the product, potential issues and feedback
    • Multiple iterations of prototypes in the field, with their latest version operating at a high degree of functionality and reliability
    • Many of the makerspace operators and students across MIT campus have offered to test their prototypes and give feedback


Avanti3D consists of four teen entrepreneurs who are deeply passionate about 3D printing and are aiming to provide a more flawless maker process for everyone:

  • Nate Houston—Marketing
  • Adam Potter—Software
  • Bo Hrytsak—Sales, PR
  • Jasper Katzban—Hardware, Design

Visit Avanti3D’s website to learn how you can spend less time and money while creating your best 3D printing projects yet.

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