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Hitchhiker’s Guide to the…2016 MIT Launch Application (4/4)

By Annie zhang

December 11, 2015

NOTE: this post is from a previous year.  Please see this post for the current year guide.

Hello December! We’re back!

The early application deadline is just around the corner!  So it’s time to look at the the video portion of the application.  And we’ve saved the best for last.  This is essentially your opportunity to pitch yourself – an important skill as an entrepreneur!

You are asked to introduce yourself to your future class at Launch in a video of 90 seconds or less.  No, you may not exceed this time limit, no exceptions for your awesome video wizardry. We want you to portray what you think is most important, not your whole life story.  And no, we aren’t going to share all of these videos before the first day, but knowing how you approach this question can give us a lot of insights into your entrepreneurial propensity in Launch.

So what are we looking for in these videos?

There are a few key items:

  • Self-awareness and insight – the top applicants don’t just share facts about themselves, but elaborate on why this matters.  Sometimes this takes the form of how the applicant has grown and developed, or even how this could be applied to other areas of value, like entrepreneurship. 😉
  • Personability – we consider when viewing these introductions how the student would work within a team, in the bigger cohort, and in class discussions at Launch.  The best candidates are able to balance confidence and humility when introducing themselves in these videos.
  • Passion – we love to see students who are excited about what they do!  This doesn’t come across as much in the words you say, but in how you say it.  It takes a lot of motivation to be an entrepreneur, and you need to be able to tap into a drive within yourself, so we look for hints of that.

Here’s a few examples of videos we think display these three key things:

Remember, this is your opportunity to pitch yourself.  You’re able to show the person behind the activities and academic achievements, and portraying the right personal attributes can go a long way in your application.  The community is such a huge part of what allows MIT Launch to make such a powerful impact on all of the students, where being an open-minded and collaborative teammate is a necessity. If you haven’t already, start your application today!  And check out our FAQs on the Launch website, and the previous hitchhiker’s guides: #1, #2, and #3

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