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InternStation: High School Student Internship Opportunities

By InternStation

September 02, 2022

Looking for an internship opportunity as a high school student might seem like an impossible task. Many companies do not take in high school interns because they do not have much experience in the field they are interested in interning in. This is why InternStation was created. InternStation is a platform that connects high school students to internship opportunities. With a subscription of only $20 a month, students will be able to get resume/cover letter building services, personalized internship recommendations, prioritized application review, certificate from InternStation, and unlock all internship opportunities.

Internship Opportunities

Starting Out Simple

When we first started, we had so many ideas of all the features we could add into InternStation. Our ideas were almost endless! However, we couldn’t add all of them. Instead, we had to start out simple. Start with a few features that we can focus on developing further. We narrowed down our features list and worked hard on them. This led us to creating the best quality features possibly. As of now, our team has worked with five companies around Asia to provide high school students with internship opportunities. We are planning to expand our business to more cities in China and other Asian countries in the near future and adding on more features.

Internship Opportunities

Idea Generation

The idea generation stage is super important for a new startup. Our team considered a variety of different ideas, however, these businesses already existed in the market. It might be hard to think of a feasible startup idea that has foreseeable prospects in a new market and the potential to be a lucrative business that solves real problems for customers. We suggest young entrepreneurs take initiative to explore new demands, this might be a problem that you are currently facing or something other people are struggling with — this will be a great starting point when brainstorming your ideas. Do not be over-worried about the feasibility of your startup, feel free to reach out to any potential clients and gather information about their needs, this step will push you nearer to your success! If you are worried about a lack of personal connections, then utilize the connections your team already had. Trying to see how far you can go is always better than hesitating.

Internship Opportunities

Actively look for solutions when encountering obstacles

Optimism plays an important role when starting a new business. Don’t be afraid of facing problems during the early stages of your startup, such as technological feasibility or financial feasibility. InternStation is not always smooth going, we met challenges as well. When we are reaching out to companies by writing hundreds of emails, the response coming back is unsatisfactory. Only 10% of companies replied to our cooperation request email. Fortunately, we aren’t impeded by the results and actively take advantage of the resources and connections our families had, which leads us to a great success of establishing cooperation relationships with five companies across different countries in Asia. It is understandable that all new startups meet different kinds of problems, but this shouldn’t be an obstacle that scares you off.

Internship Opportunities


Having a good startup idea is not the hardest thing when creating a business, the perseverance of trusting your team and continuously contributing to the construction of your startup are big challenges for entrepreneurs. With each members’ ability and effort, InternStation has become the first student-lead company in Asia dedicated to help high school students around the world to find their personalized and affordable internship opportunities via our platform. To learn more about InternStation, please feel free to visit our official website.

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