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Last Minute Tips for LaunchX Summer

By Laurie Stach

June 06, 2016

LaunchX Summer is about to take flight in just a couple days. We want to touch on some last minute things about preparing for your entrepreneurial journey, exploring Boston, and making the most of this life changing experience.  We asked our alumni for their most helpful tips for you to prepare.

Entrepreneurship won’t be the only thing you’ll learn at Launch. Be excited and take the opportunity to learn about yourself. (Anant Agrawal)

You might do this subconsciously, but if you really think about it, you are all coming to Launch for a reason, certainly not the same reason. Of course, it has something to do with your curiosity and expressed interest in entrepreneurship, but you were accepted for your strengths, and those include so much more than the listing of your resume items.  It includes your values, personality, and quirks – and Launch is a great place to embrace those facets.

Understand that coming up with ideas and choosing an idea have two different approaches. (Lillian Chen)

It can be really tempting, especially for creative and aspiring students to chase after huge ideas and ventures. Be realistic with your goals when choosing your company idea- remember you only have 4 weeks. But during ideation phase, don’t let yourself think that an idea is too impossible or out of the box. Let your passions, problems, and interests guide you. Problems make products but passion sells the business.

Food and cooking (there was a lot of advice for this!):

  1. EAT SHAKESHACK. (Sunny Cui)
  2. Toscaninis ice cream is a must. (Trisha Kagalavadi)
  3. The lobster in Quincy Market will change your life. (Saahil Katyal)
  4. Flour Bakery is amazing for food. (Sunny Cui)
  5. Hit up Chinatown for HOTPOT. Also, Sebastians has the best crepes ever! (Lillian Chen)
  6. Insomia Cookies! (Rohan Shah)
  7. Turn on the fans when you cook. (Alex Xu)

Getting Around / Exploring / Having Fun:

  1. Make sure you have Uber downloaded and ready to use. (Ria Gandhi)
  2. Hubway is a really good/fun way to get around Boston and see the city (Michael Shen)
  3. Go out more during the first week, because you won’t have half the amount of free time in the last two weeks. (Sunny Cui)
  4. Don’t get caught up in a routine. Try new places to eat and explore as often as possible even if you’re comfortable with what you found within the first couple days. (Anaya Hegde)
  5. Definitely try the Freedom Trail at least once! (Sushanth Raman)
  6. Play Ultimate Frisbee! (Campbell Erickson)

Picture of Students with Mike's Pastry


  1. Don’t miss curfew check-ins, ever. (everyone who ever went to Launch)
  2. Bring a lot of quarters for laundry. (Dora Zhao)
  3. Bring Tide pods for your laundry (don’t want to mess around with detergent) (Sunny Cui)


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