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Launch Admissions FAQs

By Laurie Stach

March 28, 2016

Congratulations on applying to MIT Launch! Whether you are waiting on your admissions decision or trying to decide whether to accept, we understand you have many questions, and we’re here to help! Please see below for the most commonly asked questions. Don’t see your question below? Check out the MIT Launch website for more admissions FAQs.   First, a couple of logistics:

  • All regular round admissions decisions, including deferrals, will be announced by April 15, 2016.
  • Applications are still being reviewed until decisions are sent.
  • Q: Can I change my application once I’ve submitted it? A: Applications cannot be changed once they have been submitted. ONLY if you become aware that the link to your video does not work, or there is another part of your application that is incomplete, may you email  
  • Q: My friends have received interview requests but I have not. Does that mean I have been denied? A: Interviews are offered on a rolling basis as applications are reviewed.  There is not any specific order to when applications are reviewed during the review period, and interviews may still be offered until late in the process.  
  • Q: I have received an interview and I am trying to set up a time on SimplyBook.Me. Are the times offered in my time zone? A: All interview times are shown by default in Eastern Standard Time (EST). Please review your schedule and plan accordingly.
  • Q: Who teaches the classes at Launch? A: Launch classes are taught by MIT Launch staff with guest lectures by several acclaimed MIT instructors, industry experts, and entrepreneurs. Q: I’ve been admitted and am thinking about accepting. What does my fee cover? A: The program fee covers housing in the MIT dorms, many activities and events throughout the summer, program materials, and other costs to bring this program to fruition.
  • Q: Is it possible to get financial aid? If so, how much? A: Admission to Launch is need blind and financial need scholarships are awarded for those who qualify. Accepted students who have expressed interest in financial aid will need to fill out an application and provide their parent/guardian’s income verification.   
  • Q: I am an international student. What type of Visa should I obtain to attend Launch? A: Typically any tourist or B1 Visa will be sufficient.
  • Q: Is there a meal plan at Launch? A: There is no meal plan offered at Launch but there are many options around the MIT campus. More information about options are provided to admitted students in April.  We cannot help advise how much to budget for meals since it can vary drastically based on student lifestyle. Admitted students are put in touch with a Launch alum who can provide some additional tips and suggestions.
  • Q: Can I pursue other programs and activities while I attend Launch?  Can I arrive late or leave early for other commitments? A: Launch students are expected to be fully committed to the program for the full four weeks. With the rigorous schedule of Launch there is not time to be actively involved in other activities during the program.  The first few days and last few days are especially important for teaming and wrap-up, so we do not allow late arrivals or early departures, as this would adversely impact the learning experience of the teammates of participants.  
  • Q: Why have I been denied? A: There are so many wonderfully qualified students that apply to Launch. While we cannot provide individualized feedback to each specific applicant regarding their admissions decision, please know that every application was reviewed by several admissions committee members. We encourage you to apply again next year!
  • Q: I’ve been denied but I am still interested in Launch. When can I apply for the 2017 sessions? A: We encourage you to take part in our online course that will be running during the summer.  The application for summer 2017 will open in fall 2016.  

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