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LaunchX Through the Lens of Guest Lecturers

By Laurie Stach

July 18, 2016

Every summer, we bring in guest lecturers who are thought leaders in Market Research, Strategy, Finance, Legal, Opportunity Identification and other areas of entrepreneurship to share their expertise with our students. Our guest lecturers typically teach MBA students at Harvard and MIT, and consult for Fortune 500 companies, yet they are always impressed by the charisma and caliber of Launch students. When we asked asked them why they are always eager to come back and teach our students, here is what they had to say:

Lynda Applegate“I am always very eager to meet a new group of MIT Launch participants and really look forward to working with them. Each new group has been tremendously insightful, enthusiastic and hardworking.  The discussions in class are often better than those that I have with my HBS MBAs and with established executives.  They bring a fresh perspective that is always enlightening and makes the time I spend with them fly by.  Thank you to everyone who works so hard to put on such a high quality program.” — Lynda ApplegateSarofim-Rock Professor of Business Administration at HBS


Paul Stoltz“In the emerging, global “gig”-based economy, there’s pretty much nothing more important than learning what it takes to create your own gig…becoming an entrepreneur.  What better way to shape your own destiny, and craft your version of a positive impact on the world?   That’s why, of all the various groups I have the privilege of working with around the world, I find MIT Launch students particularly inspiring.  They are hungry to build and master the entrepreneurial mindset and skillset it takes to light the world on fire!  Equipping them with the GRIT and AQ (beyond just IQ) it takes to make the impossible possible, and to build the dream is one of the great privileges of my life. Digging deep, doing whatever it takes—especially to sacrifice, struggle, stumble, even suffer—in the quest to achieve truly worthy goals is what it’s ultimately all about.  I tell people all the time, any time the world seems a little dark, just imagine the amazing impact Launch students will unleash, and hope is inevitably renewed.” — Dr. Paul StoltzCEO, Peak Learning

Elaine Chen“My first reaction on meeting the MIT Launch entrepreneurs was: WOW! I can’t believe they are still in high school!  Every cohort I met was smart, confident, poised, and 100% committed to learning how to become great entrepreneurs. The classroom discussions are just as insightful and energetic as what you would expect from an average MBA classroom. These students are doing great things now, and will be our future stars and leaders. It’s a pleasure working with them. I hope they will take away skills and connections that will help them wherever their journeys might take them.”  — Elaine ChenSenior Lecturer at MIT Sloan

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