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Online Learning at LaunchX Summer Program

By Elaine Liu

August 12, 2020

I was a hesitant to participate in LaunchX when I heard it was going to be held in an online learning environment. I understood how great of an opportunity being able to experience LaunchX was, but I also understood the importance of learning in a physically engaging environment. Safe to say, I filled out the virtual LaunchX participation form tentatively.

image of the LaunchX course platform and class modules

Thankfully though, I’ve still had a lot of fun learning with the online course platform! Learning online wasn’t my first choice, but it has worked out really well. Here’s a list of things that made this year’s LaunchX experience awesome, despite the pandemic.

Harvard Business Publishing Simulation Inventory Basics

  • Classes and electives! Getting to learn what you’re passionate about with an interactive and engaging lecturer is always a plus.
  • Simulations made some concepts really easy to understand. Learning about how to time your market research and keep inventory with the Food Truck Challenge and the Operations Management Simulation was really enjoyable!

LaunchX zoom classroom meeting

  • Zoom facilitated engagement between teachers/lecturers and students. Smaller breakout rooms also helped all of us get to know each other and our ideas better.
  • Daily surveys, despite sometimes being a minor inconvenience to fill out, helped to hold myself accountable for what I was learning and provided a way for me to review what I learned.

example screenshot of leaderboard certificate and badges accomplishments

  • Outside group chats (e.g: Discord, Slack, iMessage chats) allowed for easy communication with my teammates and cohort friends.
  • Other components, like the leaderboard and the friends platform, also made the experience even more exciting, competitive, and engaging.

Even though these past 6 weeks have flown by, I’ve still learned so much. It wasn’t what I expected before the pandemic hit, yet my learning experience at LaunchX was so memorable and valuable!

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