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Payloc: Payroll and HR Software

By LaunchX Team

January 14, 2018

PayLoc is a team of four passionate high school students who came together at LaunchX during summer 2017.  Early in the program, they saw an opportunity to develop a simple app that streamlined the LaunchX check-in and check-out process for students through using geofencing to replace the paper-based system of students checking in and out with counselors.  They quickly developed this system for an overnight market simulation that LaunchX posed, where the instructor provided each team a minimal amount of money and challenged each team to start a mini-business to sell simple products to their classmates the next morning.  The LaunchX team was so excited by the potential of this application that they immediately implemented it across the program, and are supporting its implementation in future sessions.

The ambitious students saw the potential in their app beyond the initial application to the summer program check-in, and realized its bigger potential in streamlining outdated practices for business managers and employees that still use manual punch card systems.  They could simplify time tracking, plus implement more powerful scheduling and payroll tools.  PayLoc was born.


Payloc aims to make outdated business practices obsolete and save both money and time for business owners and employees.


PayLoc provides resources to make essential tasks such as payroll management and employee scheduling easy, and allows for quick and easy communication between managers and employees.

  • Payroll: With checks mailed directly home to employees, bi-weekly payments, direct deposit, and seamless integration with scheduling tools, PayLoc provides all the tools you need to manage your payroll like a pro.
  • Scheduling: PayLoc comes with a wide range of easy-to-use employee scheduling features, such as the ability to switch shifts and request vacation time. And it all synchronizes in real-time with the included payroll system to determine how much each employee should be paid based on how much time they’ve worked.
  • Mobile: PayLoc’s mobile companion app allows employees to be able to clock in and out right from their mobile device. It uses geofencing technology to ensure that these requests are authentic, and it sends each employee alerts when it’s time to clock in and before it’s time to clock out.
  • Geofencing: For years, businesses have been using low-tech, physical punch cards clock in and out of their work. These cards can take hours to sort and input into spreadsheets, wasting managers’ time. Enter our solution: The PayLoc App provides a simple way for employees to automatically clock in and out without having to deal with punch cards or memorize a certain number. The app is geofenced, which means you can only clock in when you are physically on location.

Check out the step-by-step overview of their features here.


  • Their app has been published and is available for use and download for both iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play).
  • They have begun onboarding major hotel chains Holiday Inn and Best Western.

Payloc Team:

  • Christopher Lee – web developer and sales – specializes in SQL, Java, Swift, HTML5, and CSS. Designed marketing website and conducted extensive market research.
  • Johnny Wang – full stack developer and sales – specializes in algorithms and a host of languages including Javascript, Swift, HTML, Node JS, and countless more. Designed scheduler and payroll systems.
  • Zachary Shenkman – app developer and sales – conducting interviews, market research, business logistics, finance, and frontend app development.
  • Intel Chen – contracted designer – has drafted hundreds of concepts ranging from web and app UI and alternative logo experiments, plus is skilled in moviemaking.

Check out their website here. If you own a small business or hotel, feel free to sign up for a free trial here. Mention LaunchX to the support team for an extended trial.

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