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Pulse Wearables: Heart Conditions Wearable Patch

By LaunchX Team

March 25, 2018

Pulse Wearables provides a wearable patch that allows individuals with heart conditions to take control of their heart function and ensure optimal heart health.  There are numerous heart conditions (17.3 million people in the US alone according to the American Heart Association) that require varied activity levels like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.  The recommended activity levels are programmed into the device.  When the heart reaches the recommended / optimal activity levels, the device sends notifications through a mobile app and a simple beep.  The notifications inform the wearer to adjust their activity levels suitable for their heart. The product is a device that allows people to personalize their physical activities to match their individual heart ability and to live life to their fullest.

Pulse Wearables – Company and Team Information: 

Pulse Wearables was inspired by a personal need for a sleek, reliable, and inconspicuous device that could be worn by athletes and people diagnosed with a variety of heart conditions.  Wtih two of the founders in the target market, they have the experience to create empathy and understand the need of their customer and create a life-changing product in the field of healthcare monitors.  Pulse differentiates from traditional monitors in its simplicity and ease of use.

  • Richa Krishna – Project Manager and Design Lead – previously a design intern at a wearable device company (KenzenWear), a founding team member for EmojiHealth (a teen mental health app), national finalist in FBLA publication design business competition, certified mentor at Palo Alto makerpsace, and started a small business to sell DIY products
  • Anna Pertl – Project Marketing and Finance Lead – previously started a charity project in Burkina Faso doing organization, fundraising, and web design, does school yearbook and editing and runs social media
  • Arya Goutam – Project Hardware and Technology Lead – previously ran a robotics summer camp, designed and built several PCB’s from scratch, plus well-versed with many programming languages including python, java, and c++
  • William Barkoff – Project Software Technology Lead – previously started an organization that provides coding instruction to injured veterans, programmer and builder on FTC robotics, and versed in java, html, css, javascript, and arduino


  • Market research to provide a strong demand for a wearable device like Pulse
  • MVP – developed a device during the summer program at LaunchX including:
    • Real time ECG reading
    • Wires from electrodes to device
    • Analysis to obtain beats per minute
    • Buzzing when bpm exceeds a certain amount (threshold heart rate)
    • Initial app design

Next steps:

  • Proof of concept: The team will be developing additional working prototypes to beta test with six identified end users and use the feedback to develop the third version that will be their marketable product.
  • Proof of demand: The team continues to work with cardiologists, senior care centers, and heart health associations in an effort to get testimonials of support.

Additionally, they plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign when their beta testing is complete.

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