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Wearibly – Children’s Medical Wristband

December 10, 2017

Wearibly medical wristband Logo

Value Proposition:

For parents of children with severe medical positions, Wearibly is a 21st century medical wristband that stores kid’s diagnosis and action plan to be accessed with the tap of a phone, thereby educating and empowering their community to step in during emergencies.

Wearibly Customer:

The team talked to hundreds of parents and doctors, refining their target market to parents of children with severe emergency medical conditions, such as allergies, diabetes, or epilepsy.  Parents are extremely worried and therefore spend copious amounts of time educating their child’s community as to how to care for them in an emergency.  Therefore, they will buy this product for protection and peace of mind.


  • MVP: The team iterated on their wristband and website design during the summer according to customer feedback.  They created demonstration videos and surveys that they posted in Facebook groups and sent to their emailing list in order to get their input.
  • Pilot: They have partnered with Stanford’s Allergy & Asthma Research Center to do a beta test of their product with their patients.
  • Manufacturing: Wearibly is currently setting up the manufacturing of the wristbands for their beta test.
  • Other next steps: The team is also finalizing contract details to ensure they have liability coverage, plus have setup the pilot to be able to learn how their customer will use the product.  They are also looking into additional partnerships and commercialization methods.

Wearibly Team:

  • Andre Nascimento – Hardware Guru – brings experience of coding for a non-profit CMP
  • Brandon Musa – Code Monkey – previous founder of ecommerce app JustBuy
  • Wilson Spearman – Jack of All Trades – also the owner of Raptor UAV drone company and co-founder of a political debate program Counterpart
  • Katie Mishra – Networking Expert – also founder of coding education non-profit Code Circle and national youth advisor to Facebook and Yale inspirED

The team founded Wearibly due to their shared passion of developing technology to save lives.  They come from a diverse background of skill sets and experiences centered in using technology for the greater good, making them the perfect team to build this product.

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