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High School Startups

Read more below about the startups launched by our high school entrepreneurs during our previous summer programs held at the University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan, Northwestern University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology


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Lyv is driving a lifestyle revolution through convenient, healthy, and sustainable beverage bombs.<


By combining cut and powdered dehydrated fruit with other trace minerals into a compact ball that consumers can throw into their water at any time, we not only make living healthy and sustainable more convenient but also more accessible. We allow our customers to lyv for flavor while still being health conscious.

Founders: Long Tao, Jack Man, Lily Chen and George Tian

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Nilo: your fluffy language learning companion.<


Ni-hao! We are Nilo, your fluffy language learning companion. Kids learn best when they’re having fun, which is why we seek to create an engaging and interactive way for kids to learn Mandarin. Our solution? Meet Pan-Pan, a plush toy that combines visual, aural, verbal, and kinesthetic learning styles. Pan-pan engages children using a repeat-after-me teaching style, and uses natural language processing and spaced repetition (SRS) learning to boost vocabulary retention. This year, we have secured a partnership with Mandy and Pandy, a well-established children’s book company that brings Mandarin curriculums to schools in the United States. Follow Nilo here!

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AAYU puts the emphasis on patients, not paperwork.<


The average doctor spends roughly 30% to 40% of their work hours simply charting patient data onto the Electronic Health Record. For doctors, AAYU is the preferred way to do EHR because it delivers an accurate voice to text approach to medical documentation. By prioritizing speed, ease of use, and security, AAYU allows doctors to put the emphasis on patients, not paperwork. 

Creos enables people without programming experience to easily develop mobile apps in a very cost effective manner using our drag-and-drop interface editor.<


For aspiring app developers without programming expertise, our drag and drop app builder is the perfect solution. Creos is an easy to use and cost effective application that transforms your ideas into highly functional and fully customizable apps. Our mission is to give our users complete control over the entire development process and provide an exceptional and unparalleled user experience.

Founders : Jake North, Ali Gardezi, Guilherme Coube, and Candice Huang.

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Traverse logo<


Traverse, a wheelchair attachment company, has developed a product to fulfill their mission of making the world more accessible. They have created SpokeSkins, a product that provides a low cost and flexible solution to mobility issues wheelchair users face when going outdoors.  During the short summer, they user tested with 30 subjects and 100% saw an improvement, received 31 intents to purchase, already received 370 page views to their website in the first week, coordinating marketing efforts with the Department of Veterans Affairs and Free Wheelchair Mission.

Founders: Liam Anthony, Vishwajit Sharma, Claire Oxner and Lenor Levy

Eli logo<


Sleep is precious, but sometimes it's hard for your little one to get a good night's rest. Our solution is Eli, a smart toy which tracks your child's sleep. By synthesizing data from numerous high-tech sensors, Eli determines what conditions and habits lead to the best quality and quantity of sleep, providing feedback to parents and nannies to ensure a better night's sleep for their kids. All of this information is available through our easily-accessible smartphone app. They have done extensive user testing and are preparing their Kickstarter - get ready for Eli!

Founders: Michael Solodko, Agam Jolly, Cindy Xu and Maya Villasenor

Plantie logo<


Plantie seeks to provide an engaging and interactive way to teach environmental sustainability and taking responsibility for children, by giving them the opportunity to grow their very own plant, based on a real-time tracking system.  During the short summer, they already attained 10 customers willing to user-test, >50 signed up for email updates and attained agreements to promote product from 4 kid-friendly accounts (reach of 250k) and 6 plant/mom influencers (reach of 168k).

Founders: Barnabas Bakucz, Claire Chen, Da-Lan Pham and Mihaly Szekely

bitkit logo<


BitKit is an educational toy that teaches children how to code through building and coding their own hardware products. For children ages 10-13, BitKit introduces the fundamentals of coding through a hands-on, project-based structure. Each child can build their own computer, create their own toys, and play with their own code. During the short summer, they already received >$1k in revenue and 585-page visits in the first week of launching their website.

Founders: Kehan Wang, Peter Zheng, Andreas Lordos and Jessica Ji

Payloc logo<


Payloc aims to make outdated business practices obsolete and save both money and time for business owners and employlees. They provide resources to make essential tasks such as payroll management and employee scheduling easy, and allows for quick and easy communication between managers and employees. Offering payroll, scheduling, geofencing, and mobile services, their app has been published and is available for use and download for both iOS and Android. They have partnered with and begun onboarding major hotel chains Holiday Inn and Best Western.

Founders: Christopher Lee, Johnny Wang, Zachary Shenkman and Intel Chen

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Foundery logo<


Foundery is a network where visionaries and skilled individuals create teams and businesses around ground-breaking ideas. The website is a platform for people to post ideas and attract the attention of others who want to help bring them to life. While teams are ultimately created at the discretion of the visionaries, the website's advanced pairing algorithm connects users to ideas based on their own unique skills and passions. From experienced entrepreneurs to high school coders, Foundery offers a way to make business creation possible for anyone with the ambition to sign up.  (LaunchX is a customer - they've made some great progress!)

Founders: Prez Thomas, Hunter Hancock, Akhi Khakhar and Alex Brufsky

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Ami, smart plush toy created by teen entrepreneurs<


Ami aims to “keep kids healthy and happy in a place where love never ends." Ami’s pilot product is Penny the Penguin, a smart plush that can speak parent-crafted messages through an app-controllable bluetooth speaker. For kids, Penny is a fuzzy best friend that they can listen to and follow. For parents, Penny bridges the communication gap between children and parents and makes it easier for parents to instill healthy habits in their kids.

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Savy, customer retail shopping platform created by high school entrepreneurs<


Savy allows customers to discover styles at 1000-plus retail partners and enter how much they’d be willing to pay.  Customers get great deals and partnered businesses get direct feedback about their product pricing, access to customers’ emails, and also become a part of the community of Savy Stores.  So far, it has significantly increased conversions and revenues for businesses while allowing customers to get great deals.

Disha started Savy while at Launch in 2014 and was recently on Shark Tank.

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