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Auesome – Activity Kits for Autistic Children

October 26, 2020

AUesome is an app for autistic children promotes spatial & sensory learning with cognitively engaging games & an integrated physical activity kit.  Their vision is to simplify the at-home therapy process for parents of children with autism by combining a physical play kit with an app that serves as an accompanying training tool for the activities in the kit.

As of partway through LaunchX Virtual, this startup team completed their minimum viable product (MVP) kits to send out for user testing. They sent out 5-8 free kits (adjustable to customer interest) to parents for initial feedback plus set up a GoFundMe to help fund free kits. They also are applying for a grant, as they are a non-profit and could be eligible for certain grant based funding. They have also coded a website to further promote their product, idea, and demonstrations of their kit, along with an app mockup.

Team members: Arnav Gurudatt, Andrew Kim, Priyanka Senthilanshul Gupta, Isabella He