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Piolock – Smart Pillow Alarm Clock

November 20, 2020

Piolock is a smart pillow alarm clock which ensures a peaceful morning for dorm residents by silently waking the user. Piolock is a smart pillow that contains a vibrating alarm clock, night-reading light, and a riser (inflator).

They seek to be the leading company in the field of youth’s sleeping health and to sell their product to students in need internationally.  They’ve developed a novel smart pillow that employs inflation and ascending vibration technology to help heavy sleepers wake up without disturbing alarm noise and sit up with high efficiency.

As of the end of the program at the beginning of August, the team had 13 real paying customers. These customers signed their consumer contract and left their personal contact info, promising to buy Piolock once it’s out.

Team members: Baize Hou, Jiyang Chen, Jeein Hong, Aiwei Zhang, Sophie (Bing) Zhu