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LaunchX Alumni and Startups

Learn more about LaunchX Alumni and some of the startups that launch during the LaunchX summer program.

LaunchX Alumni go on to do incredible things and grow as established entrepreneurs. Even after the program, many alumni continue to grow their LaunchX startups, build amazings careers, start new ventures, and make notable contributions to their community. Learn more about LaunchX Alumni and startups that launch during the LaunchX summer program below.

Mrigank Pawagi 

  • 2021 LaunchX Alumnus
  • Top-6 finalist of Wai Wai Glocal Teen Hero India.
  • Co Founder of EcoGo
  • EcoGo was selected as a top-6 finalist in the Youth Founders’ Summit by Smarter Me Singapore.
  • EcoGo was recognized as a Winner at ‘Powered By Youth’ Hong Kong.

Joana Baptista 

  • 2017 LaunchX Alumnae
  • Multi-award winning social entrepreneur
  • 3 times TEDx speaker
  • Current company, She., reaches over 15 countries and has received notable endorsements.

Michael Matias

Harshita Arora 

  • 2017 LaunchX Alumnae
  • TedX speaker
  • Co-founder of a technology startup in the Bay Area that raised over $100 million in venture capital.
  • Founder of a Crypto Price Tracker app that is ranked #2 in the finance category on the App Store.

Andre Bertram 

  • 2016 LaunchX Alumnae
  • CEO and Co-Founder of HelpWear Inc, a company that brings more affordable and accessible healthcare to cardiac patients.
  • Thiel Fellowship Recipient, YC Alumni, and a AVP at Pioneer Fund.
  • Founded Beyond Aging, a functional working group that removes barriers facing the longevity industry.

Molly Cantillion

  • 2019 LaunchX Alumnae
  • TedX Speaker
  • Co-Founder of GirlTechBoss 
  • Social entrepreneur and intrepid researcher.
  • Co-found of Techshare Project, a student-led 501(c)3 that initiatives inspiring the next generation of engineers and entrepreneurs.

LaunchX alumni learn incredible Key lessons while enrolled in the LaunchX entrepreneurship summer program. Even after the program these lessons always seem to resurface. These lessons have stayed close to their heart and to this day still help them as entrepreneurs, in their careers, and in their personal life. Watch the video below to hear what lessons LaunchX alumni have learned.

LaunchX students start companies across all industries and business types, focusing primarily on scalable innovations and solving problems where they can add value in the world. LaunchX startups create traction during the LaunchX summer program and many continue to grow after the summer program. Below are some of the amazing startups that have launched during the summer program.


Bridging the digital and physical world of at-home therapy, one kit at a time.

Auesome’s mission is to make therapy more accessible and affordable. AUesome’s kits, instructional videos, and app simplify the at-home therapy process for parents of children with special needs.

  • Raised over $1,810
  • Distributed over 200 kits
  • Reach in 9 States


EcoGo provides user-friendly, dynamic listings of eco-friendly stores and products to make sustainable shopping an easier experience for all.

EcoGo’s mission is to help the world pursue a greener lifestyle in hopes of making the world a better place for us and future generations to come.

  • Selected as a top-6 finalist in the Youth Founders’ Summit by Smarter Me Singapore.
  • Winner at ‘Powered By Youth’ by Kids4Kids Hong Kong – receiving mentorship as well as a grant

Vitto Baskets

Vitto Baskets is dedicated to promoting a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle and supporting local farms by making organic local produce more accessible.

  • Sold more than $1,000 of their offering within a month of operation
  • Soon to come additional locations, newspaper publication, and parternships with local nonprofits

See more in their blog post

Terraridise – customizable terrariums

Each order starts with a personality quiz on our website then the customer is matched to the best succulent, polished crystals, and raw crystals. Along with a selenite stick, the order is then packaged and shipped (two different sizes available).

This 2022 startup has a beautiful designed offering and sold over $250 of the offering during the timeframe of the program with plans to continue.


InternStation is a platform for high schoolers and university students to find internship opportunities around the world.

While many students are excited about the opportunity of connections of young people with work experience, the difficulty is getting real traction, and that’s what set this group of young entrepreneurs apart.  They were able to gain financial commitments from both the companies and the young people, and during the short timeframe of the program, brought in revenue in excess of $2,000!


A multi-platform custom levels video game where people use their head movement to match the beats under various genres of music for neck pain relief

The team has completed over $300 in sales with a very innovative game that includes tutorial, modules, and a lot of fun interactivity!