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Becoming an Entrepreneur

Explore an entrepreneurial path and learn to overcome the early challenges of launching a startup in 'Becoming an Entrepreneur', our online learning EdX course

About The Course

Becoming an Entrepreneur is an edX course designed in collaboration with MIT to guide people of all ages and backgrounds through the process of founding a company. This top-rated course will provide you with inspiration to explore an entrepreneurial path and tools to overcome the initial challenges of building a business.

Through a combination of short videos, case studies, and hands-on application, this course will provide you a step-by-step guide to starting a company. The coursework is free to complete with the option of receviing a verified certificate for purchase.

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Engaging Online Learning That Will Teach You How To Launch

With enrollment in the hundreds of thousands, Becoming an Entrepreneur is a top-rated EdX course that is both educational and entertaining.


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What Our Students Say About ‘Becoming An Entrepreneur’

Honestly, I enjoyed every bit of the course especially the fact that it’s very engaging. You are forced to think and be sure of your stand or what you are thinking.

Adetayo Adeyemo

A very well done course that was very informative! I had a lot of fun taking it and it really got me thinking. Some of the assignments were tough but really led to some great outcomes. I would highly recommend this course for anyone interested in starting a business.

Chris Jantzen

Amazing take on entrepreneurship, easy to follow and extremely enjoyable. Recommendable as both an introduction to the theme and a follow up or a guide. Useful information, well presented and choreographed. Helps keep interest throughout the course.

Joana Torres

Great Course! Would recommend this course to all of those people out there with great ideas but are insecure to start. This course gives you the basics in a very simple and understandable way.

Nadira Martina

This course is the funniest and most enjoyable course I have ever take. With this course, I did learn a lot of skills about being an entrepreneur.

Po-Wei Liao

It was great and it broke down some dense material with a lot of humor. Important aspects were clarified such as the difference between the customer and the end-user. Use of mind mapping as well as surveys were explained. All in all, a nice introduction to entrepreneurship!

Steve Ngalo

Great insight into the specifics of entrepreneurship. I am in the process of starting up a company and already have some funding coming in. So, I guess I caught this course at just the right time—it helped understand revenue models and specifics of financial considerations. I had to spend very little time on completing the course, it was great fun all through. Unfortunately, real-life entrepreneurship is a little more rigorous.

Om Jha