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Summer Program

Our summer program taps into the potential of ambitious high school students, supporting you through the process of launching an actual startup.  Read on to learn more about the program.

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About the Program

Our summer program taps into the potential of ambitious high school students, supporting you through the process of launching an actual startup.

Join a highly-curated group of promising young entrepreneurs from around the globe for four intense weeks. You'll learn from industry experts and work in a group of peer co-founders to build real products and solve business challenges in viable ways.

LaunchX isn't a business plan competition - students start real companies.  These startups are driven by using the design thinking process to discover innovative opportunities, backed by extensive market research, multiple iterations of prototypes and user testing, and gaining traction through getting real customers and partnerships.


Take A Company From Idea To Execution

Work on a co-founder team of like-minded peers, stretching yourself beyond your limits throughout the entrepreneurial process to launch a real startup.

  • 1


    Identify business opportunities

  • 2


    Formalize the idea with market research

  • 3

    Test the Concept

    Design and test your solution

  • 4


    Build business logistics and start selling


Explore Our Program Locations

LaunchX operates on the campus of several universities across the country.  Learn from entrepreneurs, industry experts, and instructors while launching your startup.

Below are the expected locations for summer 2020, though dates are still being finalized and these are subject to change based on availability at the university host locations.  

Program fee differs by location based on relative costs.  Fee includes room and board, and cost of activities and logistics for duration of the four week program.  Fee does not include travel. 

There is also an application fee required across all locations, which is $50 if paid by the early application deadline and $65 for the regular application deadline.  This fee can be waived with proof of financial need.

MIT Summer Session Two 2019<

Cambridge / Boston

A hub for technology and engineering, Cambridge has many top universities that are unparalleled in their ability to crank out new inventions and startups. Being located in Cambridge allows LaunchX to pull from these many top universities for speakers, mentors, and inspiration as the students of the program embrace this innovative culture of their surroundings to bring their ideas to life.  Students will have the oppurtunity to learn from LaunchX staff plus industry professionals while attending classes on a university campus.

Please note: LaunchX LLC or any responsible parties is not affiliated with Harvard University, nor is the LaunchX summer program a Harvard University program or activity.  This event is not owned, controlled, supervised or sponsored by Harvard University or any of its schools or programs.

Northwestern University Summer Program 2018<

Northwestern University

Center for Talent Development (CTD) at Northwestern University has been serving academically talented students and their families for over 35 years. Based outside of Chicago on Northwestern's Evanston, Illinois campus, CTD works within the School of Education and Social Policy to ensure gifted students receive the education, encouragement, and support they need to grow into confident and accomplished lifelong learners.

As a part of Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development, you’ll belong to an international community of high-achieving peers and receive access to the main hubs for innovation and entrepreneurship on campus.

Note: The Northwestern Center for Talent Development location requires that international students obtain a student visa - more information is provided upon admission.

University of Michigan Summer Program 2019<

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan has captured the #1 spot on the undergraduate entrepreneurship programs ranking list published by The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur magazine.  With a top entrepreneurial ecosystem consisting of speaker series, tech resources, and accelerator opportunities, this top university is equipping students to "Be the Difference." 

Living on-campus at the university, your LaunchX courses will be taught by LaunchX staff plus expert guest speakers as you receive specialized mentorship from the movers and shakers of this rapidly growing startup scene.

University of Pennsylvania Summer Program 2018<

University of Pennsylvania

Innovation is intrinsic to Penn—part of the school’s legacy and roots since its founding by Benjamin Franklin in 1740. And much like Franklin’s belief that “well-done is better than well-said,” the culture at Penn is one of taking action and experimenting in pursuit of impact.

Living on-campus at the university, your LaunchX courses will be taught by LaunchX staff plus expert guest speakers as you receive specialized mentorship from the movers and shakers of Philadelphia’s rapidly growing startup scene.


Program Dates and Fees

*Location  *Dates *Program Fee (not covering travel)
Cambridge / Boston

June 14 - July 11


Northwestern University June 28 - July 25


University of Michigan

June 7 - July 4

July 12 - August 8

University of Pennsylvania June 21 - July 18 $8,450

*Locations, dates, and pricing subject to change.  They are being finalized with each location.

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Watch our video to learn about our summer entrepreneurship program for high school students.

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Application Deadlines

Round Early Admissions Regular Admissions Late Admissions

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Be reviewed in the order you apply after the regular applicants.
Deadline: December 15, 2019

February 1, 2020

March 15, 2020
Decision: February 15, 2020

April 1, 2020

April 15, 2020

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What alumni say about our entrepreneurship summer program

Jason Zhao, teen entrepreneur and cofounder at Politifund<

Jason Zhao, cofounder at Politifund

It was the best possible opportunity to launch a successful startup that not only makes a positive impact on the world, but also teaches me how to deal with adversity, how to adapt, and how to lead a team through both internal and external conflicts.

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Isha Mayor, cofounder at Commemorate<

Isha Mayor, cofounder at Commemorate

The more I get involved with entrepreneurship, the more I'm amazed by how far good relationships can get you. LaunchX is the perfect place to learn people skills, build relationships, and embark on your entrepreneurial journey.

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Sean Ohja, cofounder at Luminos Education<

Sean Ohja, cofounder at Luminos Education

LaunchX gave me the most immersive entrepreneurial experience of my entire life, endowed me with a powerful skill set, and introduced me to an unreal network of motivated individuals across the globe.

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Kiara Wahnschafft, teen entrepreneur and cofounder and CEO at SafeStart<

Kiara Wahnschafft, cofounder and CEO at SafeStart

When I found LaunchX after searching for entrepreneurship programs online, it seemed like the ideal summer challenge: turning an idea into a real company with a tangible product in just four weeks. Within days of leaving, I wanted to go back, but I at least knew that I would continue working with my two cofounders, whom I continue to meet with to this day. The community extends beyond my cofounders, though, to a group of individuals drawn to innovation and exploration of how challenges can be harnessed to create a vision of a better reality.

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