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Summer Program Admissions

Our summer program is selective and rigorous. Read on to learn about our admissions process, program cost, financial assistance, and qualities of a great candidate

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What makes a great candidate for our summer program?

Great applicants have a proven track-record in working successfully with teams to create exceptional impact. It isn’t about coming up with ideas—it’s about seeing them through.

**Notice that grades and awards don’t make the list! Yes, we ask you to submit your transcripts, but this is the least important part of the application.

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    You take initiative to push yourself outside of your comfort zone

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    You don’t just care about what you do, you care about creating real results

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    You pour yourself intensely into your passions and to persevere

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    A Team-Player

    You’re able to collaborate dynamically and put the team before yourself

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What is included in the application?

Whether you have a specific campus in mind or are open to doing the program a few locations, the application is the same. We want to get a sense for who you are, the goals you’ve accomplished, and what inspires you. Our application is purposefully robust and diverse, giving you many opportunities to shine.

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1. General information

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2. Activities

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3. Your transcripts

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4. Short answer questions

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5. Video introduction to YOU


Program Locations, Fees & Dates

Locations and dates will be announced in mid to late December.  Any new information on locations and dates will be posted here as soon as it is available.

Location  Dates Program Fee (not covering travel)

*Note: An application fee of $60 is required across all campuses. Fee can be waived with proof of financial need.

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Financial Need-Based Support

Our admissions process is need-blind, meaning if you indicate that you need financial support, this will not impact your chances of acceptance in any way. We ensure that students who are admitted are able to attend, regardless of financial background.

Sample financial need packages:

Family Income of Admits* Average Program Fee Reduction**  Range of Program Fee Reduction*** Average Price Families Pay****
$0-25k $5,879 $3,045 - $6,195 $431
$25-50k $4,523 $0 - $6,195 $1,938
$50-75k $2,383 $0 - $5,495 $4,012
$75k+ $0 $0 $6,295

*Family income includes all sources of income, including untaxed income and excluding losses; 

**Average scholarship provided by LaunchX, calculated based on averages. We do not make promises in advance about your financial-support package—different financial circumstances yield different outcomes; 

***Range varies based on specific family circumstance of location, costs, income, and assets.

****Based on program fee in year student was admitted.

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Admissions Statistics

The LaunchX community is a valuable part of the experience, so we take care to ensure that every cohort is filled with top students from around the world that bring together a diverse yet complementary set of experiences and skills.  Below are the statistics of our 2018 summer class for reference.

  • 35% international, with students coming from countries including Kuwait, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Burma, Ethiopia, Brazil, South Korea, Tunisia, Slovakia, and more
  • 32% on a financial need scholarship with an average of >$5,000 awarded towards program fees
  • 42% female
  • Self-identified across the entrepreneurial types of:
    • 55% builder - technology and product development
    • 47% brander - marketing, brand, and visual design
    • 53% business developer - operations, finance, and sales
  • Experienced across a range of projects and initiatives that display entrepreneurial propensity:
    • 68% have started a school club
    • 67% have started a company or non-profit
    • 48% have attended an entrepreneurship program
    • 38% have competed in a startup competition
    • 31% have attended hackathons

Application Deadlines

Our LaunchX Summer 2019 application is now open!  Please note that our website will reflect any information that is available regarding dates and locations.

Round Early Admissions Regular Admissions

Be compared against a small pool of applicants and get a decision sooner.

Get more time to apply but be compared against a larger pool.

Deadline: December 21, 2018

February 25, 2019

Decision: March 1, 2019

April 15, 2019

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