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LaunchX 2022 Entrepreneurial Summer Program

November 02, 2021

The LaunchX 2022 Entrepreneurial Summer Program continues to bring together the top community of aspiring young entrepreneurs and enables them to start real businesses, create cool things, and make an impact. Want to be an early applicant? The application is available here.

Are you someone who is passionate about solving big problems, striving to make an impact in our world, and want to connect with awesome people like yourself? Our summer program allows you to enhance your skills and grow with our community, collaborating with amazing young entrepreneurs from around the world to start something real.

In this blog, we will cover an overview of the 2022 summer program and some awesome things to look forward to.

First, exciting news – we’ll have TWO summer program options this year. That’s right, LaunchX will be offering an on campus experience as well as our online program experience. Both the online experience and on campus experience are incredible, with the same opportunities to connect with our community of passionate aspiring entrepreneurs, leverage the LaunchX resources, and build your startups. So what’s the difference? 

  • The campus program experience will be priced to include the costs of housing and meals.
  • The online program experience will include a slightly more dynamic curriculum given the flexibility that an online setting allows.

Otherwise, look forward to the same high standards of your startup goals, innovative framework guiding you through the entrepreneurial process, experienced staff and resources to support you, and an amazing network of LaunchX high school entrepreneur peers.  You can learn more on the program page of the website.

Program locations and dates will be announced by December 1st, so be sure to follow us on social media for these announcements.

Summer Program

There is so much to look forward to in this year’s summer program.

We have an amazing community, top resources of course materials and speakers, plus innovative ways you can apply your skills.

Each year we ensure we are bringing you cutting edge material to set you up for success as an entrepreneur.  In addition to the engaging and dynamic instruction of our entrepreneurial staff, you get access to things like 

  • Simulations allowing for a quick and fun way to learn through real application, 
  • Prototyping budgets to make purchases for your startups,
  • Mentors panels allowing you to get feedback quickly from multiple perspectives,
  • Discussion groups for a deeper discussion and internalizing of the session topics,
  • Working sessions on specific topics to get more specialized knowledge and support, and
  • Guest speakers who bring their industry knowledge and startup experience to the classroom to further support you in the entrepreneurial process.

And of course, all of this is to support you in starting companies that have real traction during the program, across a range of industries and with a high rate of continuation.  

Are you ready to join us?

The application is available here.

We know you may still have questions about the program, like application deadlines, financial need eligibility, and health and safety as it pertains to the in-person experience. You can find the latest information and answers here

Well, are you excited to get started on your application and join the top community for aspiring entrepreneurs!? The earlier the better and we can’t wait to see your application!


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