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Falcn Uses Material Science to Make Innovative Cookware

By Falcn Team

July 18, 2019

We caught up with Falcn from our 2018 summer program at MIT about their time at and after LaunchX. Here’s a closer look at their company.

Who is Falcn?

Product Engineering, Design, and Development: Om Deshmukh, Princeton, NJ

Product Design and Marketing: Neha Subrahmanyam, Novi, MI

Finance: Andrew Yu, The Woodlands, TX

What do you do? What do you specialize in? What sets you apart from others?

At Falcn, we believe adventurers shouldn’t have to choose between durable gear and portable gear. That’s why our first product is a patented collapsible metal pot that redefines adventure cookware, creating long-lasting cookware that can fit easily into a backpack. We’ve turned the traditional “brick” pot into “mortar,” while maintaining the full functionality of a regular metal pot!

What’s the message or inspiration, what do you hope people take away from it?

Our mission is to enable anyone to “Adventure Without Limits.” We want to empower adventurers to break the limits of both performance and efficiency, traveling further and camping longer without returning to basecamp to drop off waste and pick up food. We minimize limits like weight, space, and waste in order to maximize adventure.

What are you most proud of as a company?

We’re most proud of our progress in prototyping and traction. We have created 3 prototypes and hope to finalize our design in the coming months. We have a provisional patent and we are all very excited to continue iterating and improving our design. We have also pitched our company all around the country at various competitions and fairs to get feedback, including plenty of high school entrepreneurship competitions and maker faires.

How do you define Success?

Success for Falcn relies on fulfilling our mission. We know we’ve succeeded if we have customers coming up to us with stories or statistics proving that our products help them spend more time on the trail.

What qualities or characteristics do you feel are most important to success?

The qualities most important to success are passion, grit, and the ability to learn from past experiences and mistakes!

Has it been a smooth road? What have been your biggest learnings from LaunchX?

We had to be flexible enough to make significant changes and pivot, even several weeks into market research and product development. In each prototype iteration, we had to overcome key design issues. By keeping an open mind and focusing on our goals, we’ve been able to overcome each obstacle so far.

How or where can people see your business/company? How can people support your work?

We’d love for anyone interested to sign up for our mailing list, refer us to your friends, shoot us an email with their ideas or thoughts ( We’d especially appreciate any donations to support our R&D!

We often hear from entrepreneurs that being an entrepreneur can be lonely. Any advice from LaunchX for those looking to connect with other entrepreneurs or encouragement for new entrepreneurs?

Here are a few things we learned at LaunchX

  1. You are never too young to be an entrepreneur.
  2. In order to start something new, you have to be curious. You have to be passionate, and you have to be audacious in positing your idea.
  3. You can have big dreams and big goals, but the nitty gritty is where everything really counts.
  4. In addition, LaunchX ClubsFacebook groups, entrepreneurship organizations, and go to any events that you can.
  5. Entrepreneurship comes in all shapes and sizes; if you look for it, you’ll be sure to find it!

Falcn uses materials science to create innovative cookware

To learn more about Falcn LLC or sign up for their mailing list, click here or email them here.

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